Land register application API – public beta

Discover how you can help us to improve our new digital service.

Blog by Scott Clarke, Product Owner at Registers of Scotland.

RoS is pleased to announce that the Land Register (LR) application API Service has progressed to public beta. This means we have developed the service to the point where it is stable and ready for a wider group of users to begin working with it to provide valuable feedback.

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Our guidance just got beta…

Blog by Scott McLear, Senior Digital Manager at Registers of Scotland.

At the start of 2016 we gauged opinions on our new website a year after it was launched.

The result of the feedback was the development and creation of our new knowledge base microsite providing a new home for registration guidance and additional support content (getting started guides, tutorials, hints and tips etc.).

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New land register application API to improve efficiency of eforms

Blog by Scott Clarke, Product Owner, Registers of Scotland.

Registers of Scotland is undergoing a business transformation, moving us from a paper-based organisation to one that always looks to be digital first. Alongside developing new services we are also examining ways to enhance and improve our existing services and products to help achieve this goal and improve customer experience.

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