A day in the life… of a scrum master

Welcome to ‘a day in the life of’, a series of blogs going behind the scenes in Registers of Scotland (RoS) where we speak to staff in various departments across the organisation to find out a bit more about what they do. First up is Adam Elghazi, scrum master! Hi Adam, thanks for agreeing to tell us a bit about what you do here! Q. … Continue reading A day in the life… of a scrum master

How agile underpins a successful project

We’re big advocates of agile working principles and agile frameworks here at RoS, such as scrum, Kanban and eXtreme Programming (XP). In our recent blog ‘An Intro to Scrum’, we looked at how using scrum ceremonies, such as sprints and retrospectives has helped drive forward the development process for one of our most important upcoming services, ScotLIS. Here, we’ll delve deeper into the agile methodologies … Continue reading How agile underpins a successful project

An intro to Scrum

Scrum is one of the most popular structures for implementing agile here at RoS. You can brush up on your agile knowledge here with our handy blog ‘How agile underpins a successful project’ (what are the chances?!) Welcome back. So now you know that scrum and agile are not actually the same thing we can ask what differentiates scrum from other agile frameworks, such as … Continue reading An intro to Scrum

RoS mapping – how can we make it better?

Blog by Chris McDermott, Agile Coach here at RoS The challenge On 9 May an ad was posted on our intranet asking for volunteers who had “fresh ideas, willing to offer feedback, make suggestions and challenge current practices” that would like to be part of a new mapping group that would be tasked with taking forward the ‘capture once’ principle. Capture once, as a principle, … Continue reading RoS mapping – how can we make it better?

Introducing our digital products and services

Blog post by Scott McLear, senior digital manager at RoS.

Digital is changing everything, from how we work to how we consume services. Technology is advancing every day, and the way we live our lives is overwhelmingly influenced by the internet. Digital is also significantly better for the environment, saving tonnes of paper every year.

That’s why at Registers of Scotland we have been undergoing digital transformation, moving us from a paper-based organisation to one that always does everything digitally as the first option.

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We’re moving very fast – How Tom Meade implemented agile at RoS

Blog by Laura Brown, Social Media Manager at Registers of Scotland.

Tom Meade is currently the digital director at the Registers of Scotland (RoS). Previously he worked at the Student Loans Company and The Scottish Government before coming to RoS in September 2014.

When he started, there ‘had been a high turnover of senior IT management… but a real determination to do something positive.’ The ‘reality’ for Tom and his team was a challenge. ‘It took us 3 days’ downtime to complete a release, which is a hell of a lot of money.’

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