Lenders campaign update

Blog post by Jennifer Henderson, Keeper of the Registers of Scotland. Earlier this year I shared information about our registration arrear and measures we’ve put in place to help stabilise and eradicate it within the next 12 months. During this period in order to provide additional support to our customers for urgent cases, I introduced an expedite process and committed to not reject applications (unless … Continue reading Lenders campaign update

Message from the Keeper: October 2019

If I were to produce a word cloud to show the most important things about RoS, at the centre, in the largest, boldest font, would be the word ‘People’. People are at the heart of our commitment to innovate. Whenever we design a new product or look to improve an aspect of our service – such as the recent launch of interactive search-by-map functionality in … Continue reading Message from the Keeper: October 2019

Message from the Keeper: August 2019

Transparency is vital for public organisations, and it’s something I’m passionate about at Registers of Scotland. In recapping what I’ve been up to in August, I’m going to focus on how so much of the work my colleagues and I do revolves around transparency. The clear example of ensuring transparency is customer engagement. It’s a feature of what I do every month, and during August … Continue reading Message from the Keeper: August 2019

Our Customer Satisfaction Survey

As the Corporate Plan 2019-24 beds in, we can start to measure how the various activities we have committed to are being received by customers. So much of what we do comes back to our customer focussed corporate value and our strategic objective of making improvements that have a positive impact on customer experience. How do we measure customer satisfaction? One of the ways we … Continue reading Our Customer Satisfaction Survey

Message from the Keeper: July 2019

The theme of this edition of my blog is leadership. It’s naturally a very important skill for managers of any level to have, and leadership certainly plays an important role in my day to day activities at RoS, with July being no different. In discussing leadership, I’d also like to highlight our new campaign to create closer engagement with lenders across the UK – read … Continue reading Message from the Keeper: July 2019

Message from the Keeper: June 2019

This month, I’ve been reflecting on the ideas of responsibility and risk. It was the theme of a presentation I gave this month at Civil Service Live (CSL), an annual series of conferences across the UK where government colleagues can meet to share ideas and experiences. I began my presentation with a simple question: Do you feel comfortable taking responsible risks at work to deliver … Continue reading Message from the Keeper: June 2019