Digital transformation: The future of RoS

This blog post is by Tom Meade, Digital Director, Registers of Scotland

I joined Registers of Scotland (RoS) one year ago with the ambition of bringing the organisation to the forefront of digital services in Scotland. What I found when I started was overwhelming enthusiasm from colleagues who wanted to improve the customer experience and enhance our registration process. Like me, they wanted to make our services greener, faster, and more efficient than ever before. With the launch of our digital transformation project, these ambitions are well on their way to becoming a reality.

At RoS, two of our five strategic objectives are to:

  • improve our services and products by understanding and collaborating with our customers
  • promote continuous improvements that focus on providing public value

These are statements that really drive what we do, and over the next three years you will see what we mean by them. Our board has committed to make a significant investment in our systems and processes. They will become simple, and exemplary. We want to collaborate with our customers and partners to create better products and services. We have put an excellent team together, packed with creativity, skill and enthusiasm to start delivering on our ambition…but they’ll be useless without you.

Through this blog, we’ll be open about what we’re doing. We’ll share our ideas and plans, and we’ll show our early designs. You’ll see and hear a lot, and we hope you’ll say a lot. We want your ideas and feedback, so please do comment on our blogs. Take part in our surveys. Try our prototypes. Join our user groups. Meet us at our events. We want to know what we’re doing right and wrong. We want to know what will work – and what will work better.

We’re excited at the prospect of delivering real value to Scotland. We have undertaken the challenge of completing the land register by 2024, a big and essential part of adding that value. It will also provide a rich data set and enable us to simplify transactions. Help us create the services that best help you to take advantage of this great national resource.

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