Introducing Informed Solutions – our digital transformation partners

Guest blog by Justin Hassall, Director of Operations at Informed Solutions.


Registers of Scotland (RoS) is proud keeper of some of the oldest and most respected land registers in the world. It is therefore understandable that, when looking for a partner to transform the registers into a modern digital system, RoS took great care to select a well trusted company with a global reputation and pedigree, Informed Solutions.

Informed Solutions is an award-winning, leading, independent provider of digital transformation and systems integration services. Informed delivers end-to-end consultancy and IT solutions across a broad spectrum of industry and government sector clients in over 40 countries. But what does this all mean and how will this partnership between Informed and RoS deliver a better service?

Digital transformation is not just about introducing new technology, but is about real citizen engagement, making it easier for individuals, communities and organisations to access and register the myriad of land-related data and information that affect their everyday lives. Such accessibility and transparency lie at the very heart of digital democracy.

Informed Solutions have a clear understanding of what it takes to deliver an exciting, functionally-rich user experience that makes complex data management and transaction problems appear simple. Indeed, Informed has already been working in partnership with RoS for four years to successfully deliver Scotland’s digital Crofting Register, a finalist in the prestigious Holyrood Connect ICT Awards.

The real skill lies in having a clear vision of exactly what the client requires. To achieve this, Informed deploys small agile teams with a broad range of expertise to work alongside colleagues at RoS. These teams are fully engaged with the users of the systems, getting a genuine feel not only for the technical and process challenges, but understanding and having empathy with the culture of one of Scotland’s leading public bodies.

At Informed, we believe passionately that digital transformation is not something that you do for a client but is something that you do with organisations who have the vision to invite you to join them on a journey of learning and understanding, in pursuit of excellence. The work that we are delighted to be engaged in with RoS will not only deliver a world leading digital register for the citizens of Scotland, but will position RoS at the very forefront of Scotland’s “digital future” strategy.

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