Developing our electronic discharge service

Blog by Stef Brown, Senior Product Owners at Registers of Scotland.

One of the key developments we’re working on as part of our business transformation is an electronic discharge service. Our user experience panel has been a significant resource for us as we have sought to design our new products and services that are tailored towards our customers’ needs.

We met with a number of panel members recently  to discuss what they need from this service and share some ideas on how this might work, taking on board their feedback for a second demo a few weeks later. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Nicola Gibb, registered paralegal at Warners Solicitors LLP:

“I organised the Warners meeting with the RoS team, who were very nice and keen to hear our thoughts on the demo, both good and bad. The meeting was very informative and the demo was easy to follow. It seemed to take the same pattern as eforms, and we are all familiar with that.

“I feel that this will greatly benefit the industry, as we spend a lot of time trying to find out which lender should be signing the discharge and what styles to use. This will make the process quicker and much simpler for all involved.

“I have mentioned this to friends in other firms and they have all said what a brilliant thing it will be!”

Samantha Gilbert, associate at Aberdein Considine:

“Aberdein Considine was involved in two of the remote user research discussion sessions, providing feedback on the existing services and proposed edischarges system in the early stages.

“We had the opportunity to feed back to RoS on what we liked and didn’t like about the system. When we later saw the system for the second time, we could see the improvements we had proposed.

“The edischarges demo appeared to be a really smooth process, and reviewing the new functionality of the system really helped us to see how it would be in practice.

“The new system will benefit both the legal industry and the lender industry greatly. Provided the lenders buy in, moving completely away from paper deeds will cut down on the amount of time and resources wasted on chasing discharged that have been lost in the post, populating testing clauses, and so forth.”

David McIndoe, partner at Harper Macleod LLP:

“Myself and some key operators from Harper Macleod met with your edischarges team who ‘walked through’ the system’s new features, seeking our ideas on data input and additional features that we thought could add value to the process.

“We at Harper Macleod collectively felt that this would create a significantly easier process than the current ARTL system, and would also be quicker than hard copy discharge process.

“We felt it may be best served by lenders’ involvement but see this as a good step in the right direction.

“This new system would benefit all in the industry by speeding up and having an electronic discharge process in a safe and secure environment.”

As with all our new services, there are many phases of development. We will continue to provide updates on the progression of the electronic discharge system via our website.

If you’d like to join our user experience panel, please complete this online form and a member of the user experience team will be in touch.

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