#TheKeeper – Future Proofing RoS

Blog by Sheenagh Adams, Keeper of the Registers of Scotland.

It’s been a busy month at RoS as we work on plans to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the General Register of Sasines in 2017, continue to develop new products like our Digital Discharge Service and work closely with key stakeholders and external institutions on projects such as our Development Plan Approval scheme and sponsorship of a Master’s degree from the University of Glasgow.

400_years_comp_blog_mainWhilst we must look back to inform the plans for the 400th year anniversary, here at RoS we are proud to be an organisation that is continually developing and forward-thinking. The Digital Discharge Service will see us move one step closer to our goal of digital transformation, making our services totally customer-focussed and greener, faster and more efficient than ever before.

Our evolution isn’t just digital though; we are continually investing in people and promoting continuous improvements that provide public value for Scotland. In August, we met with Michael Arthur, the University of Glasgow graduate returning to his Alma Mater to complete a Master’s in research, which will be sponsored by RoS. His research will focus on the privacy and publicity aspects of land registration, investigating how the proposed transparency changes in this area arising from the land reform legislation can be achieved without causing privacy and data protection issues. I look forward to reading an action-led piece of research with useful recommendations that, alongside our digital transformation, will help to develop an organisation future-proofed and ready for the next 400 years.

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