Post-registration guidance now live!

Blog by Scott McLear, Senior Digital Manager at Registers of Scotland.

Back in November 2016 we launched our new knowledge base microsite, providing a new home for registration guidance and additional support content (getting started guides, tutorials, hints and tips etc.).

The site was launched in beta, but the basic underlying principle is that content is task-based, accessible and searchable, based on user testing and input from end users.

At launch the site’s functionality included:

  • New dedicated site search – suggested articles, synonyms, spelling error suggestions etc.
  • Improved readability and page layout
  • Web/HTML pages instead of PDFs to house content
  • In-page navigation
  • Automated last updated date
  • Related content area
  • Opportunity for user feedback on every article
  • Ability to promote certain articles to users / display most popular guides

The site will remain the route to access online services, general information and all other content.

Latest developments

Today marks another significant milestone in the development of the site with our new look post-registration guidance going live.

Pre-registration guidance landing page

Inaccuracy and rectification guidance has received a significant upgrade with the introduction of our rectification checking tool. This brand-new functionality will help users find out if rectification is possible for an inaccuracy in the register.

Screenshot of our new rectification checking tool

Get in touch!

If you would like to be part of testing the knowledge base why not join our user experience panel? Follow the team via @RegistersOfScot on Twitter and on FacebookLinkedIn and YouTube for more updates.

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