A new home for RoS in Glasgow!

2017 was an exciting year for the Registers of Scotland, what with the anniversary of the General Register of Sasines, the world’s oldest national land register. Not only that though, but we also moved from our existing Glasgow location at Hanover House into a new home at St Vincent Plaza (SVP). The move has been a big success so far – read on to find out all the latest information about our new working space and what it means for RoS as an organisation.

Though we’ve only moved a few streets around the corner, SVP represents a whole new way of working for RoS.

It provides a cutting edge setting that’s specifically designed to support digital and smart working principles as part of our digital transformation. This allows us to boost efficiency, while also reducing costs and our carbon footprint at the same time. No two people’s ideal personal working environment is the same, so SVP offers a variety of options, such as both traditional and height adjustable desks, allowing individual work in a personalised setting to maximise productivity.

SVP also provides the ideal environment for teamwork, with multiple spaces for collaborative working.

These range from larger work tables to specialised project breakout spaces, and are designed to support all the latest technology, so business information can be shared quickly and effectively. We also have Microsoft Surface Hubs available in 4 of the meeting rooms, plus several portable ones for even greater flexibility.

They feature interactive screens and integrated cameras, transforming how we work together, and making it easy to share information across devices and locations. As a result, RoS employees in Glasgow are now more integrated with their Edinburgh colleagues, as well as external partners, than ever before.

From these fantastic new work settings to flexible meeting spaces SVP holds massive potential for all of us here at RoS. But the move to SVP represents much more than just a new home; it reflects our digital transformation across the organisation as a whole, and our drive to always think digital first. With such an exciting new space, promoting smart working and efficient collaboration, we’ve set the groundwork to achieve this goal for many years to come.

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