Digital Discharge Service – we’ve hit 100!

Blog by Andrew Gilchrist, Comms Officer at Registers of Scotland.

Regular readers of our blog will know we’ve been rolling out a new digital discharge service (DDS). Last week, we reached a major milestone, with our 100th live application successfully settled and submitted.

We’ll soon be expanding DDS to a wider group of participants – read on to find out more details on how to get involved.

New functionality

With the tool currently in the beta phase, the project team have been working hard to improve its functionality, based on feedback from our customers.

We’ve added a number of improvements to the solicitor journey, including:

  • Reducing rejections through auto-decline of duplicate discharge applications
  • Auto-populated and editable borrower and designation fields
  • Additional user information, for when a security can’t be selected for discharge.

The lender journey has also been improved based on customer feedback, with new features such as:

  • The ability to inform the solicitor of the reason behind any declined requests
  • Additional information on-screen including mortgage number, requesting organisation and the requester reference
  • The option to cancel a signed discharge in case of error.

We’ve been constantly striving to improve the new service internally as well, to ensure the entire process is as efficient as possible throughout.

A new digital RoS

New initiatives like DDS are central to the digital transformation of our business. By processing discharges digitally, we’ve made the entire process far more efficient, and taken ourselves one step closer to our ambition of being a completely digital organisation by 2020.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be expanding our DDS database to include more lenders and solicitors. If you think DDS would help your business handle mortgage transactions more efficiently, contact Kevin Stewart at for more information.

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