Innovation through collaboration

Blog by Andrew Gilchrist, Comms Officer at Registers of Scotland.

As we continue with our digital transformation, one of the most exciting developments has been our Innovation Centre.

This initiative allows us to take the ideas we come up with every day, and transform them into tangible business improvements, all while advancing our commitment to strong collaboration with our numerous partner organisations.

So what is the Innovation Centre?

In short, it brings colleagues from across RoS together to conceptualise, explore and refine business propositions in an environment where they can voice ideas and share knowledge, with the mutual goal of developing transformational business practices.

Sounds complicated, but it’s simply really; from product owners to stakeholder management, and new starts to old hands, colleagues work together to continuously improve our processes and products, and realise concrete benefits both internally and externally.

And, it’s not just RoS employees getting involved.

The Innovation Centre supports organisations like the Scottish Government, as well as third parties that play a vital role in our daily business activities, such as legal firms and lenders. Working with future end users gives us the opportunity to anticipate any potential teething issues with new systems ahead of a full launch, while our partner organisations can get the inside track on working with us, leading to increased business efficiency.

Our Innovation Centre is already delivering substantial results.

With some of our most important projects, it’s provided invaluable learnings and insight. For instance, during the launch of our Keeper Induced Registrations, the Centre analysed every stage of the project, exploring and providing expanded thinking on the potential benefits throughout. It’s collaborated with external audiences as well, working with chosen lenders during the private beta stage of our Digital Discharge Service, supporting users to maximise the potential of the software. The Centre has also proven its internal value, acting as a central location for staff to share their feedback on our office move to St Vincent Plaza in Glasgow.

Our Innovation Centre remains a relatively new endeavour, but it’s already demonstrating its value as an important vehicle for driving business transformation at RoS. We’re always looking to be innovative and creative in everything we do, so initiatives like this play an important role in helping us achieve this goal. To learn more about our business transformation, check out another blog post about how we’re implementing agile here at RoS.

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