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Blog by Hayley Glynn, Beth Hutchison and Erin Quinn

Our Modern Apprenticeship programme started in 2013 and since then we have recruited over 50 modern apprentices into the organisation. There are opportunities across various departments such as registration, our core business, finance, procurement, human resources and customer services.

All our modern apprentices (MAs) started on fixed term contracts and to date we have been able to offer permanent contracts following the successful completion of their programme. We have seen our apprentices develop their skills and experience, with some even moving into new roles in the organisation.

Our latest group of fifteen MAs started with us in September 2016.

They are developing well in their role whilst also working on their SVQ level 3 in either Business Administration, Customer Service or Procurement.

This year we have also run our first ever IT Modern Apprenticeship Programme. This two-year apprenticeship ties in with our digital ambitions as an organisation, with the exposure to a range of IT functions and initiatives, allowing individuals to identify their areas of interest and develop relevant skills.

Have a look below to find out more about what our modern apprentices have to say about their time at RoS.

Our Glasgow-based modern apprentices

What made you apply for the Modern Apprenticeship?

After leaving school I decided to go to University, however after a short time I realised it wasn’t for me. I knew a few people who worked at RoS and recommended I applied for the MA opportunity. This meant I could earn money while also learning on the job.

Julie Hand — 2015 Modern Apprentice intake, currently a Registration Officer

In my sixth year of school, I realised that I didn’t have a particular interest in further or higher education during that time, as I would rather be gaining experience and hopefully earning some money. After considering all of my options, I realised that doing a Modern Apprenticeship was my best option to achieve these aspirations, without completely abandoning formal education.

Lucy Swan — 2016 Modern Apprentice intake, Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Support Officer

I saw the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification and at the same time earning a full time salary.

Cameron Martin — 2014 Modern Apprentice intake, now a Team Leader

What have you enjoyed & what has surprised you about the apprenticeship?

The work is fun but it’s the people at RoS who make this place stand out so much in my mind! From the first day I felt welcomed and I have now made some great friends through work.

Craig Lauder — 2015 Modern Apprentice intake, now an IT Service Desk Analyst

What surprised me was how relaxing the process was. You think of school and having to revise and take time out to learn but this was completely different. The SVQ side of the experience did not affect my work at all. I did not feel as though I was having to take time out to complete my qualification, as it was all based on the work I did every day in the office.

Ashleigh Elvin — 2014 Modern Apprentice intake, currently Business Admin Support

I enjoyed starting my first full time job with other young people as this made it a lot less daunting! I was surprised at how quickly I settled in and became accustomed to working life.

Erin Quinn — 2014 Modern Apprentice intake, now Innovation Centre

I was surprised at the variety of job roles available within the building! I have really enjoyed the Modern Apprentice group days that we have organised for us.

Cameron McKenzie — 2016 Modern Apprentice intake, currently a Registration Officer

Our Edinburgh-based modern apprentices

Would you recommend the ‘apprenticeship route’ to other young people?

I would definitely recommend Modern Apprenticeships to other people as from it, I have learned things that I never would have been able to learn in college or university. I now have the practical knowledge required to solve problems in the workplace, and that’s something you can only gain from experience.

Lucy Swan — 2016 Modern Apprentice intake, Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Support Officer

I would definitely recommend the Modern Apprenticeship programme to other young people. I have really enjoyed learning new skills and meeting new people, whilst also getting hands on work experience.

Abbie Borthwick, 2014 Modern Apprentice intake, now a Customer Service Officer

Yes – I would never turn back time and go to university. Learning whilst working was the best decision I’ve ever made. Higher education isn’t everything!

Beth Hutchison — 2014 Modern Apprentice intake, currently Innovation Centre Support

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