Latest developments from our last sprint!

Blog by Scott McLear, Senior Digital Manager at Registers of Scotland.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Digital Comms team here at Registers. Another sprint has come and gone, so we would like to share what we delivered with you.

Knowledge Base

Today marks another significant milestone in the development of the site with our new look guidance going live, moving away from the old PDF format. The knowledge base provides a new home for registration guidance and additional support content (getting started guides, tutorials, hints and tips etc.).

You can see a click-through example below of how the new site looks, or try it out for yourself at

Further developments

The knowledge base is the first step in how we are looking to make the experience of using our website easier. Over the next few months we will be working with users of our site to develop and work on the information architecture, creating a site that supports usability and findability of our content.

We will continue to design our services with the user at heart, and to enable us to do this we have created a customer feedback mechanism on the site, so if you have any concerns or questions about part of our website please fill it in and we will do our best to answer your query.

Get in touch!

If you would like to be part of testing the knowledge base, or our website, then why not join our user experience panel.

You can also follow the team via@RegistersOfScot on Twitter and on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for more updates. Want to comment? Let us know below!

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