Events and Marketing team – ASSEMBLE!

Blog by Caroline Craig, Events and Marketing Officer here at RoS

With several event successes under our belt – including a scorching charity golf tournament, a busy job fair and a week-long celebration of our 400th anniversary – it was time we came together to create a master plan.

On 3 July the events and marketing team took some time away from mission control and assembled at the offices of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for our first away day as a newly formed team. RICS was a beautiful venue, a perfect location to explore our future direction and look at what events we can develop for you, the customer.

View of Edinburgh Castle from the venue
View of Edinburgh Castle from the venue

We started the day getting to know each other and building trust. Just like the Avengers we each have our own super power that we bring to benefit your event. Our super powers range from creativity and negotiation, to passion and empathy. All super powers that make a successful events team!

After this the team settled down to begin answering the crucial question… “How can we make it better?” How can our team, with our experience and expertise, find a better way of working to deliver better results for you? This involved donning our superhero capes and flying up to the clouds for some blue sky thinking.

If we could do anything, if we could deliver any event for our customers, what would that event be? We discussed running a series of ‘How to…’ seminars for students, a range of webinars that can be virtually attended from around the world and hosting immersive events looking at RoS’ products and services. We even discussed the opportunity of adopting newly developed event technology.

Once we took off our capes and put our Clark Kent glasses back on, we took the ideas from our blue sky thinking session and used our super powers to imagine our future delivery aspirations. From here we created a 12 month roadmap of events that will add value to our business operations and involve more customer involvement than ever before. We want to design the events that you want to attend!

By the end of the day no one had ‘Hulked out’ and we had a clear vision of where we want to be as an events team. Just as the Avengers and the Justice League are, we are here for you. Night and day, the events and marketing team are looking for that RoS signal flashing over Gotham… I mean Scotland!

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