Business transformation, down under!

Blog post by Stef Brown, Head of Business Development at the Registers of Scotland.

This week I’m speaking at The Land Registrars Development Officers’ Conference (LRDOC) in Perth, Western Australia, on the RoS business transformation.  Delegates attend from across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Despite the geographical distance between RoS and these other land registration authorities there are striking similarities in our markets and our approach.  This year’s theme is one that is familiar to RoS and the other registries: ‘Disruption is the order of the day. How are land registries responding to the challenges ahead?’

Within RoS we recognize that the way our customers expect to interact with us, and us with them, is changing so we’re introducing new services enabling digital registration as well as making it more straightforward to access the authoritative information we hold via ScotLIS, the land and information service for Scotland, which will launch in October.

Digital transformation is happening across governments and in advance of the conference I spent some time at Landgate, our conference host and the land registration authority for Western Australia. Landgate was voted 22nd in the most innovative companies in Australia poll, conducted by Australian Financial Review,  from over 1000 entries. Having heard Jodi Cant, CEO of Landgate, speak on its transformation, it was a great opportunity to meet representatives from the customer experience and innovation teams and find out more on their operational as well as strategic approach.

I look forward to continuing these conversations throughout the conference at which there will be presentations from the land registries in attendance as well as presentations from technologists specialising in land and information matters.

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