A change that adds value!

Blog by Fiona McKie, Head of Innovation and  Ashley Whitecross, Innovation Centre Manager at RoS

This month we were very fortunate to have Jodi Cant visit us here at RoS. Jodi is the Chief Executive of Landgate, Western Australia and, most importantly for us, the driving force behind Landgate’s approach to innovation. It was a perfectly timed visit from Jodi as we are currently going through a bit of a transition to the next phase of our innovation journey.

As well as creating the Landgate innovation programme in 2008, Jodi also set up SPUR a location technology hub with a vision of nurturing partnership investment opportunities and supporting emerging Western Australian based location technology businesses. With three elements underpinning SPUR ‘spurring’ on those willing to explore new ideas – collaboration, stimulation and acceleration – we were keen to talk about making our ambitions in the innovation world a reality and by the end of our conversation, it felt like the possibilities were endless.

Innovation at RoS

The RoS innovation centres were set up a year ago (we’ve just had our first birthday!) with a dual purpose: to facilitate and support the transition of the technical changes coming from our business transformation programme; and to explore the art of the possible. We’ve successfully supported a number of transformational changes from our IT development teams into our day-to-day business functions, however, we are now ready to tackle a wider challenge. That bit about the art of the possible.

What next for RoS’ Innovation team

We will be spending the next few weeks and months further developing our innovation programme and taking on exciting new challenges. We want to solve problems through collaboration, create safe spaces for people to generate ideas, work with others to explore new possibilities and use all of these activities to seriously consider what our future looks like.

Jodi used a phrase that has stuck with us – innovation is a change that adds value and for us we know that what we do today, tomorrow, next week and next month will do just that for RoS.

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