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How user research has shaped ScotLIS

Registers of Scotland is abuzz as we gear up for the launch of ScotLIS, Scotland’s land information service, later this year. As part of development, and to build on the success of our earlier Alpha Day event, in early August we visited Aberdeen to host two days of user research sessions.

Held in the centre of Aberdeen, the event offered various stakeholders the opportunity to get an early look at ScotLIS, so they could better understand how it affects the important property work they do on a daily basis.

ScotLIS - what our customers say

Day 1: Face-to-face UX

For stakeholders attending on the first day, we began the event with 1:1 User Experience (UX) sessions. These lasted no longer than an hour, and were conducted by a member of our UX team , with a colleague taking notes throughout to make sure we collected every piece of feedback.

Face-to-face discussions like these are invaluable – they allow us to gain in-depth feedback, both positive and constructive, that we might not necessarily hear in a wider group.

Day 2: User workshop

To complement these one-to-one discussions, group interaction was central to the second day of the event. It took the form of a user workshop, where we brought together RoS customers and members of the ScotLIS team to share ideas and knowledge to deliver a fuller snapshot of feedback on the new service.

The user workshop produced results just as valuable as the feedback we had during the 1:1 sessions. We took stakeholders through the current alpha prototypes of the land register and our early sasines prototype, which gave an ideal snapshot of the service at this initial stage.

The view from our users

By the time the presentations were over, the stands packed away and the last note furiously scribbled, we had gained some truly fantastic feedback. Overall impressions have been overwhelmingly positive; our attendees considered ScotLIS to feature some valuable improvements on existing services, and something that would make their day-to-day working lives much easier and more efficient. We also learned the different ways that different users would utilise ScotLIS for everything from property searches to rural land transactions, which allows us to optimise the service for all requirements.

Feedback like this, along with each and every other comment received, is why user research days are so invaluable as we develop such a significant new service. RoS would like to thank all our attendees for their feedback – we couldn’t develop ScotLIS without you.

ScotLIS - what are your thoughts

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