5 ways we’re reducing our carbon footprint

Blog post by Andrew Gilchrist, communications officer at the Registers of Scotland.

At Registers of Scotland we understand the importance of environmental responsibility in everything we do – here’s five recent developments that show how we’re working to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage everyone to think green.

St Vincent Plaza offices, Glasgow

St Vincent Plaza

The move of our Glasgow office to St Vincent Plaza has been a catalyst for positive environmental change throughout the organisation. It’s delivered enormous energy and carbon savings; compared with our previous office, it’s reduced our energy consumption levels from over 734,000 kWh to just 15,700 kWh, while our carbon emissions have reduced by 75%.

Going digital – reducing paper usage

SVP is a truly digital-first office, and epitomises the importance of this direction for RoS. We’ve made great strides in moving away from paper usage, and thanks to this approach, in 2016/17 our total paper usage figure reduced by almost 25 per cent. This doesn’t only save trees – it also reduces our usage of ink and electricity for printers, while also cutting down on haulage for paper deliveries.

The innovation centre in Meadowbank House, Edinburgh

Reduced electricity usage

We’re in the midst of a digital transformation, but those new servers and technological improvements don’t necessarily mean additional electricity usage. As highlighted in our most recent annual report, our electricity consumption figures for 2016/17 were down 10 per cent compared with the year before.

Recycling at Meadowbank House, Edinburgh

Championing recycling at RoS

‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ is part of our mantra at RoS, with an integrated internal campaign encouraging our colleagues to cut back on landfill waste wherever possible. This covers more than just separate bins – we also hold ‘upcycling’ events, so that staff can give unwanted belongings a new home. We’re also excited to be welcoming back our friends at Love Food Hate Waste, who will be holding workshops on how we can save up to £460 a year by reducing food waste at home.

Empowering staff to think green

Recycling isn’t the only way we’re encouraging staff to be environmentally conscious, with numerous internal initiatives throughout the year. This approach has produced results already, as shown by the dozens of keen cyclist commuters at RoS who benefit from our Cycle to Work scheme. We’re bringing them an extra treat to mark Climate Change Week, when we host Doctor Bike maintenance sessions at both our Edinburgh and Glasgow offices.

Looking for more green inspiration? You can find more information by visiting www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org

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