ScotLIS sprints towards the finish line

ScotLIS has been developed using an agile approach, meaning that the end product would always evolve, as it is based firmly on the needs of the end-user, the customer. In order to ensure ScotLIS as a service met those requirements, it has, at every stage of development, gone through rigorous user (UX) testing. From Alpha day, where current customers were invited to take part in interactive workshops and sessions through to the recent 4 week private beta testing phase, ScotLIS has been shaped by the businesses that will be using it based on their feedback.

Private beta began for ScotLIS on 21 August with 140 participants from 24 organisations across 10 sectors, ranging from local authorities and government bodies to professional searchers, conveyancers, surveyors and residential /rural / commercial & agricultural solicitors. Throughout the month a triage team, made up of staff from customer & e-services, innovation centre and the development team, had 463 contact points (emails/calls received). There were 36 stories raised – these are ideas for software development from users – of which only a small number are still waiting to be progressed in one of the final upcoming 2 weekly ‘sprints’ of intense software development before the official announcement of the service in October.

Hilary Brownlie, service designer said:

“We are delighted to be planning the progression of the service into public beta and wouldn’t be doing so without the participants from private beta, their invaluable feedback and the team effort by staff from across RoS.”

The recent customer satisfaction survey results for ScotLIS averaged 4.5 out of 5 but with a design based on continual improvement and iterative design we still need your help to improve.

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