Product updates: Digital Discharge Service

Since launching earlier this year, the Digital Discharge Service (DDS) has been positively received by all those involved in the standard security discharge process. As part of our commitment to deliver new digital services that meet the needs of our customers, we’ve been listening to user feedback on DDS, and this week published an updated release of the service.

Improved usability and flexibility

This release brings a variety of improvements and new features. We want DDS to be a fundamentally user friendly service, and so many of the new developments are based on user feedback. One such change is an update to the solicitor dashboard that allows a discharge requester to display just their own discharges, instead of all discharges created by their organisation.

We’ve also introduced increased flexibility for the digital signature of a discharge deed, without compromising security. DDS users can now download a discharge deed, and have another party with a digital signature of an acceptable standard and type (these are currently certificates issued by either RoS or the Law Society) sign the digital discharge deed, before the logged-in user then uploads it again. This change allows an authorised deed signatory to use one smartcard to sign for multiple lenders, while the user, the signature and the deed content continue to be fully validated.

From efficiency to security, DDS brings a range of benefits compared to previous services, and at RoS we’re continuing to expand DDS to bring new firms on board. We’ve updated the service to reflect the way our users want to work with DDS; for instance, participating DDS lenders have requested that certain of their standard securities need to be submitted on paper for the time being. We’ve therefore introduced the below alert for when a discharge requester views a title with a security that features a security type belonging to a participating lender, but which hasn’t been enabled for DDS.

Find out more!

More information on DDS can be found on our website. Feedback remains an important part of DDS and other projects, so we’d encourage users to let us know their thoughts and experiences of all our digital services.

You can follow the team via @RegistersOfScot on Twitter and on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for more updates. Want to comment? Let us know below.

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