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ScotLIS user stories: Bell Ingram LLP

Customer interaction has been a key part of the development of ScotLIS, and we’re continuing to work with our stakeholders to introduce new features and improvements. Here we caught up with Marcus Humphrey, GIS Technician at Bell Ingram LLP, to understand how he uses ScotLIS and how it improves access to land and property information.

Q: What have been your first impressions of ScotLIS since you started using the service?

A: First impressions of ScotLIS has been great – very positive. It’s incredibly useful, and much more user-friendly than previous services.

Q: How do you and your colleagues use ScotLIS?

A: As chartered surveyors and GIS specialists we’ve used ScotLIS predominantly for title searches, and searching for landowners and surrounding properties when doing tasks like neighbour notifications, access agreements and producing title plans for registration.

Q: How has ScotLIS improved accessibility to RoS data?

A: Compared with older services, the biggest improvement is the new map-based functionality. Being able to investigate property information visually, rather than through written descriptors or the like, is far easier and more intuitive. Another great feature is the ability to save a whole sasine search sheet – it lets my colleagues and I note important information for later use.

Q: What’s the biggest single benefit that ScotLIS has had on your business?

A: Simply put, ScotLIS has already brought savings in terms of both time and costs, and this should only increase as we bring more internal users onto the service.

Q: How have you found working with RoS during the development and/or introduction of ScotLIS?

A: It’s been a really positive experience throughout. The ScotLIS team at RoS has listened to our opinions and what we’ve said, and taken it on board. For example, during early development we commented that for our work, the option to search by grid reference would be a helpful addition. The RoS team was happy to take that into consideration, explore the options, and ultimately make it a feature of ScotLIS.

Q: Describe the long-term impact that you think ScotLIS will have on you and your business activities?

A: Moving forward, ScotLIS will greatly improve how we access RoS data, and deliver cost and time savings as well.

Q: What feature would you say is the most useful/beneficial to you as a solicitor/searcher etc?

A: As surveyors the map functionality is a brilliant addition. It allows us to see the area surrounding our searches – this contextual information is often very helpful. The layer function is another great feature, as we can see if there are land register titles or not before needing to pay for information. Indeed, the fact that ScotLIS also only charges for purchasing and not searches delivers considerable savings to us and our clients.

Q: Would you recommend ScotLIS to others in the industry? If so, why?

A: Yes definitely. The ease of use makes using ScotLIS, instead of older services, a no brainer. Just recently, I showed ScotLIS to a colleague, and he was comfortable with using the service himself within five minutes.

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