Delivering the Business: What you missed from the latest IIBA event

Registers of Scotland kindly hosted the IIBA on the 22nd February 2018, as Gary Cockburn (MD of Lightforce Consulting Ltd – currently contracting with RoS) presented a key-note speech on ‘Delivering the Business Event’.

Taking inspiration from Registers of Scotland’s exciting Business Transformation Programme and previous experience in Digital and Business Transformation environments, Gary also drew on several years’ of experience in delivering Royal Mail Stamps and Collectibles prestigious stamp programme.

By interweaving key themes – connectivity, knowledge and value – alongside business change methodologies such as Agile, Lean Six Sigma and The Vanguard Method (Systems Thinking), Gary took the audience on a journey from discovery, through business preparation and readiness to the point of delivery and beyond.

With a special focus on customer interaction, business DNA and delivering a service that matters to customers, the presentation also highlighted the importance of the Business Analyst in relation to emotional intelligence, business change and quality assurance.

Delivering the Business Event was very much about how the Business Analyst plays a pivotal role in building a set of artefacts to support the business readiness and delivery lifecycle.  But it was more than that – it was to highlight the ever-changing nature of the analyst’s role to problem solve, have a chameleon like ability to use their diverse skills-set to work across disciplines, to keep moving forward and work alongside business and technical partners to deliver the event.

There was a strong attendance at the event and attached below is a selection of comments from attendees after the event:

‘Really enjoyed the ‘chameleon’ analogy and can relate to it.’

‘Hadn’t thought of the Business Analyst’s artefacts being our legacy.’

‘Not being a BA I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was really interesting.’

It was a great start to this year’s IIBA event diary and gave us all plenty to think about. Thanks to RoS for hosting the first event of the year; this is the second time they have taken the first slot of the year and both presentations have proved very popular, hopefully RoS and IIBA can join forces again in the future.

There is a full programme of IIBA events throughout the year with one taking place in either Edinburgh or Glasgow every month. The next event is just weeks away on Thursday 15th March on the subject of Communities of Practice. Details of this are on the IIBA website.

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