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ScotLIS user stories: Turcan Connell

Following last month’s blog, we’re continuing to meet with our ScotLIS users to understand how they use the service and what benefits it brings to them and their organisations. Here we speak with Rona Macdonald, an Associate at Turcan Connell and head of the firm’s Land Registration Unit, who shares the solicitor’s experience of ScotLIS.

How do you and your colleagues use ScotLIS?

We use it to access information regarding titles which are registered in the Land Register. This can be in order to identify title boundaries or the ownership of a particular area of land. We also use it to access search sheets for titles which are still recorded in the Register of Sasines.


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How has ScotLIS improved accessibility to RoS data?

The biggest improvement for us has been the ability to carry out a map-based search for titles which are already registered in the Land Register. The land register map layer on ScotLIS is automatically enabled, displaying registered titles, so we can identify what we are looking for much more quickly and with more accuracy. As many rural properties do not have postal addresses, being able to use a mapped based search in this way greatly improves the accessibility to data held by Registers of Scotland for the type of work that we do.

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What’s the biggest single benefit that ScotLIS has had on your business?

The biggest single benefit is that we can find information held by Registers of Scotland for both Land Register and Sasine titles much more quickly. In addition to the map-based search for Land Register titles mentioned above, the layout of title sheets downloaded from ScotLIS is more user-friendly. For Sasine titles, we can download search sheets in their entirety rather than on a page by page basis, which is a great time saver particularly for large rural estate titles where search sheets can run on for many pages. All of these improvements save us time and expense.

What feature would you say is the most useful/beneficial to you in your area of expertise as a Solicitor at Turcan Connell?

My area of expertise is voluntary registration, and the feature which is most beneficial to that work (and indeed to other rural property transactions) is the improved map based search and the ability to see on one screen which titles in the surrounding area have already made their way on to the Land Register.

Would you recommend ScotLIS to others in the industry? If so, why?

Yes, definitely! ScotLIS offers improved search options and accessibility to information held by Registers of Scotland, which are of particular assistance when working with rural titles.

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