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DPA Meet the Team: Deeds check

Following our earlier post, we met another member of the DPA team, Colin Harvey, whose role includes the deeds check aspect of the service.

Q: How long have you been with RoS and what is your role within the DPA team?

A: I’ve worked at RoS for almost 37 years now. I am what is termed a “Senior Adviser”, but I am located in the DPA Team where my role includes creating model titles and instructions to enable applications for registration to be processed and undertaking the deeds check service, amongst a few other things.

Q: What does the deeds check side of DPA entail?

A: It really is as described – the draft deeds submitted to us are examined with particular regard to their relevance to DPA and in more general terms with a view to the deeds being acceptable for registration purposes. This can comprise checking any reference to the DPA plan is correct, ensuring any real burdens are properly constituted and making certain that conveyances of any rights in common are properly described. We will also typically highlight “typos” and other discrepancies as part of the check.

Q: What advice would you give to applicants about deeds check?

A: I would encourage applicants applying for DPA to submit for deeds check not only the deed of conditions or the like over a development, but also the style disposition or dispositions on every occasion. The information provided in that event will allow us to complete as much preparatory work as possible prior to any applications being submitted for registration.

Q: Tell us one of the best things about your job?

A: I probably get most satisfaction from my involvement in a number of stages which enable me to  see the completion of the whole DPA process – from deeds check in conjunction with the submitting solicitor, through the registering of the consequent applications and the creation of the model titles and instructions to enable the further transfer applications to be registered. Almost from the beginning of a development to its end, so to speak.

Q: Why should people reading this use deeds check?

A: Applying for deeds check in respect of such as deeds of conditions and dispositions both reduces the risk of rejection at registration stage and assists us in our preparatory work in advance of those applications being submitted for registration, with the ultimate aim of processing applications for registration in the most efficient manner.

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