DDS goes international: Working with Hong Kong Land Registry

Since launching our digital transformation, RoS has increasingly worked closely with other land registration organisations across the world. A particular highlight was in October 2017, when we hosted the Registrars of Title Conference (ROTC), which brought professionals from 22 countries to Scotland, to share industry ideas and experiences.

The connections forged during the event have continued to grow since October, and earlier this month, members of our Digital Discharge Service (DDS) team met with compatriots at the Hong Kong Land Registry (HKLR).

Effective collaboration on digital services

Representatives from HKLR had attended ROTC, and during their stay they and other delegates were introduced to products, services and ideas from all over the world. They were particularly interested in the digital registration services RoS is delivering as part of our digital transformation, which provided a great opportunity to keep the collaborative spirit of ROTC going.

During ROTC, Pinsent Masons, a leading international law firm hosted a meeting between the HKLR representatives and members of the Law Society of Scotland’s Property Law Committee. Since then, Pinsent Masons have been working with RoS during our development of DDS for commercial discharges, and so were an ideal collaborator to facilitate last week’s meeting between RoS and HKLR.

Nikki Duke, Head of Stakeholder Engagement and Kevin Stewart, Business Development Manager represented RoS at the video conference meeting at Pinsent Masons’ Edinburgh office, who were represented by Fiona Alexander, Senior Practice Development Lawyer. Joining them from the other side of the world in Pinsent Masons’ Hong Kong office were several representatives from HKLR, led by Registry Manager, Mrs Amy Fong, who were greeted by head of office, Vincent Connor.

The video conference gave us the opportunity to demo DDS, showing the representatives from HKLR how DDS works and the features we’ve built into it to provide an end-to-end digital service for the discharging of standard securities. The demo led to an engaging discussion on several topics related to DDS like pre-development consultation, working with stakeholders and the technical specifics of the service.

DDS team in meeting with HKLR

Nikki and Kevin used their DDS expertise to showcase its full capabilities, while Fiona provided another perspective to the discussion, using her experience as a member of the Property PSL Group and of the Law Society of Scotland’s Property Law Committee. She gave insights into the important activities of this group and committee, and how they contribute to the support of our digital registration services.

Keeping the conversation going

The demo and DDS itself were met with great enthusiasm by everyone at HKLR, and they valued the opportunity to get first-hand experience from Nikki and Kevin, and an industry viewpoint from Fiona. We’ll be continuing to keep in touch with HKLR, as both organisations work to develop new and improved digital registration services to meet the needs of their customers.

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