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ScotLIS user stories: Harper Macleod LLP

ScotLIS, Scotland’s Land Information Service, continues to expand in terms of both users and new features. Throughout the service’s lifetime we’ve worked closely with our customers to ensure ScotLIS meets their needs. In the next in our series of blogs, we spoke with Pamela Todd, Partner at Harper MacLeod who participated in beta testing of the service before launch, last year.

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What have been your first impressions of ScotLIS since you started using the service?

My immediate impression was that it was all so simple. From the start the access to the Land Register information is so straightforward that, if one had ever used a map browser online, no explanation of the ScotLIS interface was required. The biggest revelation was that the areas affected by registered titles could be shown on screen, as they fit together on the ground.

How has ScotLIS improved accessibility to RoS data?

RoS data is now far simpler to find – whereas for rural areas one might have the name of a property and still not be able to find a registered title that affects it, the map browser now means that if one knows where the land is, and it has a registered title, one will definitely find it. It has made it far easier to make the decision to purchase a title sheet, as it is now possible to tell at a glance if it is the right one.

What’s the biggest single benefit that ScotLIS has had on your business?

For me it’s the ease with which I can check on title information quickly that has made the most difference. Because I can home in on a title, and download a title sheet for such a low fee and so quickly it is now possible to give a client title information during a telephone conversation. The ability to click straight through from a Sasines search to a title sheet makes doing title reports for Sasines titles far simpler and far more immediate too.

How have you found working with RoS during the development and/or introduction of ScotLIS?

I have been amazed by the openness and responsiveness of the RoS ScotLIS team during the beta-testing and roll out phases. I’ve found the service easy to use, and RoS staff have been on hand to quickly provide help when required. Overall, the new service allows for much easier access to digital information that existing systems.

For more information, including how to sign up and access the service, visit ScotLIS.

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