Our updated land registration application form: One month in and what’s next

It’s been just over a month since we officially implemented our enhanced land registration application form. We’re now in the three month transition period, and wanted to highlight some potential questions customers might have.

What are the changes to the application form?

For a full and detailed overview of the changes, see our earlier blog post. We’ve also updated the guidance on our Knowledge Base to reflect the new form.

Have the updates to the form delivered benefits to customers?

Absolutely. In the period since the changes have been implemented, over 90 per cent of the forms we are now receiving are the improved version.

The changes have been positively received by our customers too. Another of our recent blog posts featured Louise Duguid, Paralegal Manager at Blackadders, and her impression of the changes. She welcomes the new form, as removing the signature requirement helps reduce the likelihood of rejections for her large conveyancing team, while amendments to the Burdens and Servitudes sections, and the removal of the Certification of Links in Title question improve the clarity of the form and also help reduce rejections.

When does the transition period end?

The last day of our three month transition period is 22 June 2018.

What will RoS policy be after 22 June?

After 22 June, RoS will only accept the new version of the form. All applications submitted with the old version of the form will therefore be automatically rejected.

Still using the old version of the form and looking for support?

We recognise that using the new form may require administrative changes for our customers – that’s why we’re providing a range of support during the transition period and beyond.

Our blog features a number of articles on the changes, including details on our updated Land Register API. You can also visit our Knowledge Base for comprehensive guidance on how to complete and submit the new form. Or, for one to one support, contact your RoS account manager.

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