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Year of Young People: Ashleigh Elvin

Blog post by Roman Smith, Corporate Communications Assistant here at RoS

This year is the year of young people (YOYP for short). To mark this themed year, we’ve teamed up with the young people in our business under the age of 26 to share their stories, and celebrate their success.

We interviewed Ashleigh Elvin from the programme office to find out a bit more about her journey to RoS and what a typical day is like for her.

How did you find out about RoS and what made you apply for a modern apprenticeship?

I found out about RoS through a friend who was halfway through her modern apprenticeship. She told me that RoS were recruiting again for more apprentices and I jumped at the opportunity. I was working in retail at the time and I wanted a full time job that had opportunities to progress and develop and I knew that RoS would offer me that.

Has your role changed much since your apprenticeship finished?

My role has changed massively since I first started. I started my apprenticeship in the customer services department which is completely focused towards our external customers. I then moved onto secretariat, supporting members of the executive management team and governance group meetings. This provided me with the knowledge and understanding of the business which I have transferred into my new role in the programme office which is much more focused towards our internal customers and the business.

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What is a typical day for you in the programme office?

A typical day for me in the programme office would consist of me preparing documentation for my projects. This can vary between typing and issuing minutes, updating highlight reports on confluence, preparing papers for project boards, managing action logs and maintaining the risk and issue logs. I am also responsible for booking travel, maintaining the team mailboxes and completing any enquiries that may come into them, organising meetings, completing my project loan in times and ordering stationary for the team.

What does year of young people mean to you?

I think it is important to celebrate young people and to highlight how far RoS has come through the modern apprentice scheme. This scheme has provided so many people with a foot in the door, a helping hand for younger people starting off in their career which is quite unique in today’s job market. I have learned so much since starting at RoS, and I am constantly learning every day. I think that celebrating YOYP is a great way to highlight the great work that young people are involved with in the business.

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