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Year of Young People: Blazej Wielk

Blog post by Isla Cameron, Corporate Communications Assistant here at RoS

For this Year of Young People we asked around the business for people aged 26 and under to contribute in the activities and blog stories that will take place throughout the year. We are working to build the next generation of RoS staff, as we’ve already been doing with our successful MA programme for the last 4 years.

Blazej Wielk from IT Development was kindly up for taking part! We asked him a couple of questions about his experience and day-to-day work at RoS.

Tell me a little bit about your journey to RoS, how did you hear about us?

Basically, everything started from CodeClan. I went through their coding bootcamp where I learned a lot about programming. During the course, I was briefly exposed to user experience design. After some research, UX looked like something I could potentially focus on professionally (apart from coding). When the course was coming to an end, I started researching CodeClan’s employer partners and Registers of Scotland was one of them. I really liked the idea of how old the registers were in general because I like companies with a very long history. After a few months, it so happened that there was an opening for a Junior UX Consultant, a position I was genuinely interested in. So I gave it a shot and applied.

picture of Blazej working at desk

What did you do before that gave you the skills and experience to work in IT Dev?

Before CodeClan, I worked in the hospitality sector for a while. I was also pursuing my passion for textile print design as Fine Arts was a field in which I acquired my BA. I still think of launching my own brand but that won’t be for a long time I reckon…

What skills have you learned since joining RoS?

I’ve learned a lot about the importance of research and ways in which one can be conducted. Because of being surrounded by my colleagues who have been working in UX and design industries for years, I’ve managed to train my eyes in terms of spotting design fails. In general, I’d say that UX is an immense discipline and there is constantly things for me to learn – from the design theory or content creation, through data analysis and more marketing-related topics. Thanks to the proper UX practice here at RoS, I can definitely say that I’ve seen a lot of that.

Blazej sitting at desk

What does Year of Young People mean to you?

It’s important to show the society that the young generation is not completely brainless or clueless because of the ubiquitous technology (of course, there are exceptions). However, it is still important to remember that the older generation can give us directions and guidance. We might be tech savvy etc. but it doesn’t mean we aren’t vulnerable.

What is a typical day for you?

I am a morning-ish person so I am in the office roughly after 8 AM and just crack on with things I have to work on. Sometimes it’s just some desk research, other times it is all about assisting in conducting research sessions and analysis. Moreover, I spend most of my time on browsing findings or just designing potential solutions. It all really depends on sprints and the pre-development work. The flexible hours working pattern helps me with pursuing my personal interests. Most of the time, I do programming in the evenings to learn some more concepts that were not covered during my CodeClan journey. I like to solve coding problems – just for fun!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I think I’ll be working in digital solving some design issues – I don’t what kind though! 5 years ago I didn’t anticipate I’d be working here so I am quite reluctant to plan that far ahead. Life is full of surprises so I’ll let myself be surprised. I hope that by that time I will have visited Peru and Australia!

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