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#RegistersAtoZ: Who we are, from Archives to Zetland!

Following on from the landmark anniversary of the General Register of Sasines in 2017 — celebrating 400 years of land registration in Scotland — we want to continue sharing what makes our organisation unique. To highlight our talented teams, business transformation and the digital services we’re developing for people of Scotland, we’re launching a new digital campaign: #RegistersAtoZ.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes snippets from our teams, whilst also contrasting our rich heritage with the digital products we’re developing. Here’s a preview which shows just how we know land and property information from A to Z!

A is for Archive: From the Cloud to our archive rooms, we hold centuries of information – compiling and maintaining this data is our remit.

B is for Boundaries: Property boundaries are a key part of any title plan. Shown by a red edge or colour tint they mark where one property starts and another ends. The area within the boundaries makes up the registered title. Usually property boundaries run along walls or fences which are shown on the Ordnance Survey map.

C is for Completion: We’re working towards completion of the Land Register by 2024 and 65% of titles have already been registered.

D is for Digital Data: Our business transformation is driven by digital data.

E is for Equality: We believe in equality for all RoS members of staff.

F is for First: The General Register of Sasines: the world’s first national land register.

G is for Guidance: Our Knowledge Base is the source for guidance information on RoS products and services.

H is for House Price Index: Our monthly House Price Index report is one of our key data releases.

I is for Innovation: We’re harnessing innovation to introduce new and improved business processes.

J is for Judiciary: The Chancery and Judiciary Registers are a series of important legal registers that we have held for centuries.

K is for Keeper: The Keeper of the Registers of Scotland is the official face of land and property registration and information in Scotland.

L is for Land: The registration of land and property is at the heart of what we do at RoS.

M is for Map: We map land and property information to provide an accurate record of who owns Scotland.

N is for Not what you think: Not what you think – we’re often mistaken with the National Records of Scotland, who handle the recording of births deaths and marriages!

O is for Online: As part of our digital transformation, we’re working to make the management and completion of our core products and services available entirely online.

P is for Plans: Title plans are a key part of property records on the land register – they show the features of each and every property on the register.

Q is for Questions: Whether on social media or through our Customer Services team, we’re on hand to answer any questions relating to our products and services.

R is for Registration: The registration of land and property is at the heart of what we do at RoS.

S is for ScotLIS: ScotLIS, Scotland’s Land Information Service allows both professionals and citizens to access comprehensive information about any piece of land or property in Scotland.

T is for Transformation: We’re in the midst of a digital transformation, designed to make our products and services more intuitive, efficient and effective for our customers.

U is for User Experience Panel: Our User Experience Panel is an important tool for us to gather feedback from customers, so we can continue to improve the work we do. Just sign up through our website to get started

V is for Voluntary Registration: We’re encouraging land owners to safeguard their property by registering on the Land Register, through our Voluntary Registration programme.

W is for We are: We are the Registers of Scotland – from our offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow we serve the people of Scotland.

X is for X marks the spot: X marks the spot – it’s a simple concept, but it’s not a bad way to think about the work we do!

Y is for You: You – our customers and the people of Scotland – are fundamental to what we do. That’s why we’re working with customers as we progress with our digital transformation.

Z is for Zetland: We hold some quirky data on our Registers – from centuries-old property records to our very own county classification system. How many other organisations know Shetland as Zetland?

Want to know more?

Looking for more information on RoS, our registers or our products and services? Then just visit our new website to find out more.

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