ScotLIS tips #1: Map updates, downloading title information and more

In this new blog series, we’ll be looking at some of the new features we’re introducing to ScotLIS, designed to meet our users’ ongoing business needs and make it an intuitive and effective service.

We’re also using the improved mapping functionality of ScotLIS to support changes in the way our users interact with RoS spatial data– read on to find out more.

Download title information

Since the beginning of development work on ScotLIS, one feature has come up with customers again and again: the ability to download title information with one click. We’ve listened and the whole team are pleased to say this feature is now live. We’re encouraging all users to try out the new feature and let us know what you think!

Removing the index map feature on RD

The interactive map on ScotLIS is a major improvement compared with earlier RoS services such as Registers Direct, and so by late June we’ll be removing access to the index map feature on Registers Direct in favour of ScotLIS. This is part of our commitment to provide our customers with clear, accurate and easily accessible map-based information.

An intuitive and interactive map functionality is a core feature of ScotLIS. It’s based on the Ordnance Survey MasterMap, and clearly shows land and property information from a 1:4m scale to 1:500 scale.

The index map feature on Registers Direct allowed users to search mapped title plans by seed point. Though a previously useful tool, during customer research we discovered user frustration with the service being slow to load, and searching for properties involving unnecessary charges.

We’re confident the interactive mapping in ScotLIS will meet the needs of our users. We’re also keen to receive feedback on this part of ScotLIS and the rest of the service. If you have any comments you can do this through the feedback banner in the service.

New layer: the Crofting Register, Common Grazing and land held Runrig

To make the map functionality on ScotLIS even better, we’ve recently added a new data layer, showing information from the Crofting Register. Run in conjunction with the Crofting Commission, the Crofting Register is a public register of crofts, common grazings and land held ‘Runrig’ (divided into strips that belong to different people).

blog size
Areas in orange show data from the Crofting and Common Grazing/Runrig layers

Searching the presentment book

Users can now search the presentment book on ScotLIS by name and address, and choose how to sort results, for example by status, deed type, daily number, name or property address.

You can select up to 200 results to download or print, in addition to being able to select and remove all results at the click of a button.

Email to me

With ScotLIS, you can access and download property information like title plans and title sheets. Rather than having to download each individually, you can now email this information directly to up to four recipients – simply click “Email all title information”. This new feature brings significant time savings, particularly when working on bulk enquiries.

scotlis screen grab 2.png
Screenshot showing how to email all title information (pink) and download title information (green)

No daily repeat payment for products

Through customer research we’ve found that users of RD experienced instances where their session ends unexpectedly after purchasing a product (like a title sheet) and they’ve needed to log back in and re-access the information.

To provide our customers with peace of mind that they won’t incur extra fees in ScotLIS, we’ve introduced a new feature to the service so that users will now only be charged once per day for buying the same product.

If your session ends unexpectedly, there’ll be no additional fee for buying the same Land Register title information, Sasine search sheet or ROI search results. The day runs from 00:00 to 23:59, and don’t forget you can always find a list of the products you’ve been charged for in your purchase history.

This change is already in place, and to make it even clearer we’re working to change the ‘buy’ button to say ‘retrieve’, to add further assurance that you won’t be charged again in the same day.

How to access ScotLIS, and what’s next

Accessing ScotLIS is easy, as you can use your existing RoS business credentials to sign in. We’re also continuing to add additional features based on customer feedback. Keep an eye on the “Feature updates” page (accessed from the main ScotLIS page once you’ve logged in) for more details.


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