What our young people learnt from Glasgow’s first TEDxYouth event

On 31 May, a group of young people from across RoS were given the opportunity to attend TEDxYouth@Glasgow, as part of the Year of Young People 2018. Throughout the day the team listened to 9 speakers who told their own personal stories, each one different. Alongside the speakers there was a room full of exhibition stands following the themes that would be discussed.

Read below to find out what the group thought of their day.

Isla: “We discussed the negative effects social media can have”

I attended TEDxYouth @ Glasgow on the 31st of May and had the opportunity to listen to 9 motivational speakers talking about their journeys through life. A lot of the focus on the day was the negative effects that social media can unmask when being used in the wrong way. I found this really interesting to listen to as a large part of my role here is surrounding social media. It was good to know that here at RoS we are doing nothing on social to promote the negative behaviours that can really shadow Twitter and Facebook etc. Continuing this topic it was really useful looking at the way they designed their campaign using things such as ‘#TEDxYouthGLA’ due to how unfavourable they painted social media to the younger generation.

Roman: “Self-worth is a theme that really stood out to me”

Listening to the speakers at TedxYouth was so inspiring. Each person had their own story to tell but they all had the same message, that if we work hard and believe in ourselves we can achieve whatever we put our minds to. For me the most inspirational speaker was Reece Hayes, a young ambassador from the Prince’s Trust. Listening to what he had been through and how far he has come over the last couple of years was incredible. Another one of the themes that stood out to me was self-worth. Knowing what you are worth is a big step to being able to live life to the max and achieve your full potential. I also enjoyed hearing about the negative aspects of Social Media and how we can avoid falling in these traps.

I think that TedxYouth was a great event as part of #YOYP2018 and highlighted the amazing things that young people have achieved and provided role models for our generation to look up to.

Ray: “Anything is possible with the right mindset”

From the TedxYouth event it allowed me to look at new ways to be the best version of myself.  I found the talk on climbing mount Everest (twice) inspirational, it made me think that anything is possible if you have the right mind-set.  I also enjoyed the Doctor who talked upon the benefits of exercising and how this will increase your life span, I would like to be healthier and exercise so maybe I should take what the Doctor said into effect.

Tedx selfie

Ashleigh: “It was refreshing to hear about mental health and disabilities”

The TedxYouthGLA event I attended was very interesting. It was refreshing to see them address some pressing issues such as mental health and disabilities and bring a positive spin on them with their personal stories. There were many speakers that resonated with me but the one that stuck with me the most was from a gentleman called Basit Rashid. Basit did a talk entitled “How Are You Killing Your Dreams” which highlighted the importance of self-worth and projecting a positive belief in yourself. He spoke openly about his battle with Crohn’s disease and how this lead to his struggle with depression and anxiety and how he overcame this. He spoke about how negative young people are on themselves these days, comparing ourselves to the models on Instagram or the celebrities on TV and how damaging this can be for out self-esteem. During his talk he said – “You’re the captain of your own ship, decide where you want to go, cut off your anchor and set sail. I am worthy of my dreams” – which has stuck with me since the event. You must believe in yourself to succeed.

I hope I can take what I have learnt at the event and use this in my day to day role at RoS, bringing positivity to my team and those around me. #TedxYouthGLA and #YOYP2018 has highlighted just how many fantastic young people there are and how many great things they have achieved, and I think we can all aspire to be a little more like them every day. 

Beth: “I’ll do something out of my comfort zone everyday”

I found TEDxYouth Glasgow to be a very inspiring day, listening to young people who have gone through some rough times completely turn their life around was just amazing. Hearing how they went through the journey of stopping negative self-talk by using daily affirmations, getting out of their head and trusting their whole self really makes you think am I doing this and how can I help other people do this? One speaker was the youngest person to have climbed the north and south side of mount Everest explained how she continually pushed herself out of her comfort zone so she could reach her full potential and it worked! Hearing all the talks was very motivational so I have decided to try and do something out of my comfort zone every day.

Caroline: “It celebrated our talents and achievements”

It was great to be part of a day celebrating young people in Scotland. TEDxYouth@ Glasgow provided a platform for those under 26 to come together and share unique and inspiring stories. I particularly enjoyed Adam Purvis’ talk on respecting the heart and the brain equally to figure out “who the badger am I?”. This linked up nicely with Mollie Hughes’ talk on unlocking your ‘uncomfort’ zone to reach your full potential.

It’s great to have a platform such as TEDxYouth and #YOYP18. There’s a lot of negativity around millennials and Gen Z. Year of Young People brings different generations together to celebrate those under 26 and showcase our talents, achievements and impact on society.

Lucy: “The lessons can be transferred to any area of life”

For me, the best part of TEDxYouth, was the talk from Mollie Hughes, who is the youngest woman in the world to successfully summit Mount Everest from both the north and south sides. The main focus of Mollie’s talk was resilience, and she shared her approach to reaching her potential in the form of a pyramid diagram. She labelled the bottom third of the pyramid her ‘comfort zone’, and she described this as the early stages of an activity, when you fully believe that you can achieve what you are setting out to do. The next level is the ‘unlocking zone’, and this is when you start to struggle. She explained that many people often get to this stage and give up, heading back to their ‘comfort zone’. However, she explained that if you push through this difficult section, you get to the final tier of the pyramid, which is your ‘potential’. By reaching this layer, not only are you succeeding in completing what you set out to do, but you are also raising your overall resilience level. Even though Mollie was talking about climbing mountains, the lesson can be transferred to any area of life. You can achieve anything if you push through your comfort zone and stay resilient!

To read more about the conference, check out their website http://www.tedxglasgow.com/youth/. Keep an eye out for more blogs and videos about our young people!

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