ScotLIS tips #2: New data layer, and efficiency improvements

It’s been a couple months since our first top tips blog, but by no means has the ScotLIS team stood still during this time. They’ve been hard at work continuing to develop the service, working with users to understand how they’ve been using ScotLIS, and also ensuring it meets customer need ahead of the retirement of our legacy service (Registers Direct) on 30 November 2018.

To find out more about what’s new, read on for a quick recap of recent developments.

Showing proprietor name when there are many title matches

For our business users, we now show the lead proprietor name before the pay-gate when there are many title matches.

This will help you identify the specific title you are interested in more easily when there is more than one title match in the Land Register. Often this is the case for identifying titles in tenements, so this new feature should prove an extremely helpful one for many of our customers.

New layers: aerial photography and address labels

Context is key to many search enquiries – it’s often vital to see what’s around a given property. From user research, we learned that many people appreciated the ability to see a satellite-imagery view to get an idea of the property or area on the ground.

We’ve listened to this feedback, and have introduced a new data layer to the interactive ScotLIS map. This layer shows Ordnance Survey data that at time of writing is more up to date than Google Map’s satellite imagery, providing a scalable view on the map that can be toggled on and off.

Additionally, we’ve added another new layer showing address label data, adding more helpful context when searching, particularly in urban areas.


Improved map view

Speaking of the ScotLIS map, users may have noticed that we’ve made a subtle improvement to the map itself. There’s now much less empty white space on the page, and the map is considerable larger. Users can now see much more of the map at a given time, allowing for even more context and further improving the map-based search capabilities of ScotLIS.

More improvements on the way

Alongside these new features, work is continuing apace on future developments as well. The ScotLIS team are working on delivering access to the Register of Deeds though ScotLIS, further increasing the scope of the service and the amount of data our users can access.

We’re also devoting our efforts to improving existing areas of ScotLIS, with usability improvements that will make searching the Register of Inhibitions more intuitive in the pipeline too.

ScotLIS for the public

The enhancements above relate to ScotLIS’s Business service, and alongside this work is progressing on the public offering of ScotLIS. We are refreshing our proposition for the Public service, which we’ll use to drive forward future development of ScotLIS to ensure it meets the needs of Scotland’s public.

Find out more

Accessing ScotLIS is easy, as you can use your existing RoS business credentials to sign in. You can also keep an eye on the “Feature updates” page (accessed from the main ScotLIS page once you’ve logged in) for the latest new features.

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