Message from the Keeper – August 2018

Both personally and for RoS as an organisation, August has been a month of steady progress towards achieving our key business objectives.

I’ve continued to meet with individuals and organisations across Scotland and the UK to identify areas where we can work more closely with other public bodies and stakeholders on matters of common interest. One such discussion was with representatives of Scottish Land and Estates. Completing the land register is a fundamental goal for RoS, and working closely with organisations like Scottish Land and Estates is integral to achieving this.

I also met with Dr Andrew Steven, who is one of the Scottish Law Commissioners. He and his team are developing a proposal to look at the law around heritable securities. It’s an area of common interest for RoS, and therefore a valuable opportunity to input on proposals that might affect registration. I’m a firm believer in collaboration like this, which is why I’m keen to work with stakeholders across our customer base on RoS products, services and policies.

Scottish Law Comissioners

Closely related to our land register completion and registration work are our ongoing efforts to eradicate our backlog of registration casework. I’ve held extensive discussions with colleagues internally on this, and we’re already beginning to see progress that will deliver real long-term change and results. I am committed to releasing this information publicly as we progress, and I look forward to sharing this with you in the coming weeks.

Another highlight for me this month was giving two of our younger employees at RoS the opportunity to shadow me during an average working day, as part of our activities marking the Year of Young People. We’ll be sharing Antoine and Maya’s experiences in their own words soon, and events like this remind me of the importance of transparency in the work we do, and this is something I am always passionate to promote, whether internally or with our many customers and stakeholders.

YOYP Shadowing The Keeper
Antoine and Maya with the Keeper

At the end of the month, I had a very important meeting with James Morton from the Scottish Trans Alliance. We discussed how RoS supports both its trans customers and staff, and also filmed a short video to promote our process for enabling trans people to change their names on their title deeds. I look forward to sharing this with you soon.

In other business news, I’d encourage you to read Calum Shepherd’s recent blog on the roadmap for ScotLIS. As service owner for ScotLIS, Calum is at the forefront of the service, and his blog shares what the future holds for this important asset for Scotland’s business and public users. Indeed, the ScotLIS team have been hard at work on new features for the former, and working further with the latter to better understand what information they would like to access from us, and how we can best serve that data in an effective way.

Finally, August has also been marked by our RoS Board meeting. During this time, our non-executive directors, executive Board members and I held in-depth discussions on a number of key business matters including signing off our annual report and accounts from 2017/2018, reviewing our approach to addressing the arrear, and agreeing our investment for the remainder of this financial year, as we continue to move towards our aspirations to become a digitally enabled business.

We also devoted some time to discussing the longer term vision for RoS.  I am keen that we identify broad options for RoS over the next decade, so that decisions we make in the shorter term keep our options open in the longer term.  I am very keen through the autumn to broaden this discussion out and will look forward to talking to our customers and stakeholders as I meet you over the coming months to hear your views.

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