What it’s like shadowing the keeper: Antoine Asmar

Blog post by Antoine Asmar, Registration Officer, who shadowed the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland as part of the Year of Young People. You can find out how Maya got on during the day in her previous blog post.

The day was scheduled into two parts. Part one focussed on not saying or doing anything stupid in front of management (!) and part two was all about enjoying the experience, and taking away with me things that would allow me to better understand the service RoS provides and the work that goes into it.

I can’t speak for part one, you would have to ask Jennifer, but I can definitely say that after a full day of shadowing the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland I have a better understanding of the work that goes into it and what lies ahead for the future of RoS.

The day began with a one hour meeting which allowed Maya and myself to settle in to the rhythm for the day.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we would be encouraged throughout the experience to give our input and share our perspectives on all the different topics that would be brought up.

Keeper at board

I had worked in KIR before moving to Buying and Selling and Maya brought with her the experience she has working in Customer Services. It was interesting to see how down-to-earth the meetings throughout the day were. Even though there was serious business being discussed, every meeting felt like a level playing field for anyone to comment or share their thoughts. It allowed for really interesting discussions and ideas to flow naturally which actually made the day feel quite short.

What I found the most fascinating was Jennifer’s ability to juggle all the information she must have been thinking about with very little time between meetings to process the new data.

From what we learned in one meeting we took to the next and by the end of the day I could see how everything had linked together. I came away from Secretariat and walked back to Buying and Selling to do a few applications before leaving for the day and couldn’t help but continue to think how important each day is for the Keeper.

Antoine, Jennifer an Maya around table having meeting with other colleagues

I find it very impressive that one person can contemplate as many different situations as Jennifer does on a daily basis.

Jennifer has a great team behind her and I think she would agree that the coffee cart at reception has some part to play too! Jennifer’s very friendly and dedicated and is actively trying to change the environment to be even more open and engaging, so that anyone would feel comfortable approaching her with an idea to improve the service we provide to our customers.

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