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Overseas Property Ownership Report Workshop

Blog post by Ailsa Robertson, Land & Property Data Team Manager 

Following the publication of our latest Statistics Bulletin on overseas ownership of Scottish property (the Land and Property Titles by Country of Origin report), the Land & Property Data team held a workshop to help analysts and policy-makers interpret and understand what our report data can tell them, and discuss how it might help inform policy thinking.

We invited a group of different statistics users and policy-makers from across Scottish Government and other public sector bodies, spanning interests such as housing, community land ownership and rural affairs, overseas investment, tax and migration.

The purpose of the workshop was:

  • To promote working effectively together across public sector organisations around analytical work to support policy, and to enhance the reputation of RoS as a collaborative and supportive organisation.
  • To ensure that best use is made of the statistics we publish and to do more to help policy-makers use our data to support policy development and evaluate how policies have impacted / shaped things in Scotland.
  • To catalyse thinking about further useful analytical work that could be done with our data, e.g. migration analysis, and promote discussion around data sharing and collaboration opportunities.

Katherine Falconer, Head of Information & Analysis, welcomed the attendees, gave an overview of the aims of the workshop and facilitated introductions. Keith Paterson, our statistician, followed with a presentation on the content of the Land and Property Titles by Country of origin report and explained the outputs, then Paul Singer, Head of Data & Quality, led further discussion around the report content and presented our ideas for future migration analysis.

bar graph of percentage of Land Register titles with owner/tenant addresses outwith Scotland as at 30 June 2018

This discussion was very constructive, bringing out a number of different questions and comments relating to the overseas data and to other possible future collaborative analytical work.

These included questions about the size of properties purchased by owners with overseas addresses and whether the report could include information on hectarage, questions about the price paid and if it was possible to include some commentary on average prices or price bands, and suggestions for collaborations that might enhance future migration analysis.

Kenny Crawford, Business Development and Information Director, commented: “This workshop really demonstrated the merits of getting active engagement and dialogue with analytical and policy colleagues in Scottish Government and other national statutory bodies with which RoS works, raising the profile further of our data assets and how we can add public value to them for policy development and evaluation”.

Going forward, the next step for the Land & Property Data Team is to assess the feedback and to evaluate if there are any quick wins that we can introduce into the overseas ownership statistics bulletin and bulk data extract. We’ll also continue to develop analysis around migration, given the high level of interest expressed in this. We’ll be providing feedback to the workshop participants and continuing to liaise with them on future developments.

The workshop was an excellent opportunity to build connections with the wider analytical community, both for RoS and for the attendees, and was an excellent start to a series of events to promote our existing analysis and explore the potential of the wealth of data that we hold.

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