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ScotLIS user stories: Ledingham Chalmers

For the next instalment in our series of ScotLIS user stories, we spoke with Sarah Gorski, Paralegal at Ledingham Chalmers.

Sarah has just recently come back to conveyancing after a short academic break, a period which has seen notable change in how customers access RoS data using ScotLIS. Here Sarah shares how she’s found working with ScotLIS since returning to the profession, and why it offers a superior user journey and service.

Tell us a bit about you – how long have you worked in conveyancing?

I have worked in Conveyancing for over two years now, returning after a gap of 10 months where I had completed a course. I am settling back into things nicely.

How has ScotLIS helped you during this stage of your career?

ScotLIS was introduced during my study gap so coming back to find this service has been great. It is user friendly, simple to use and a more efficient way of conducting searches and gathering information. There are far more benefits to the service than there had been previously. It makes checking boundaries of properties a breeze and if a client is unsure of their Title Number at an early stage of a transaction, this can quickly be identified for free in order to obtain a copy of the correct Title Sheet.

How do you find using ScotLIS?

The interface of ScotLIS is modern and is more effective at finding what you need. There are also better search options so that you can input other information you were previously unable to. This means a better chance of finding what you are looking for. It also provides the Title Number before you order a Deed. The legacy service (Registers Direct) was sometimes slow and occasionally it wouldn’t let you search accurately. Ordering a Search Sheet for properties registered in the Register of Sasines is now easier with ScotLIS and the layout and formatting of the search page is nicer to look at and easier to read.

What do you find to be the most helpful feature of ScotLIS?

The new feature of the aerial map has been helpful because it allows you to see where the Title Plan is plotted in comparison to how the position is on the ground. I also like the feature if you search from a flatted property that you can identify the lead proprietor of the neighbouring properties which will ensure that you are ordering the Title Sheet for the correct property within a block.

In your opinion, what’s the one reason why conveyancers should be using ScotLIS?

It will make your job so much easier! There are more features than Registers Direct and the search options give better search results. I look forward to seeing which new features will be rolled out in the future.

Find out more

Accessing ScotLIS is easy, as you can use your existing RoS business credentials to sign in. You can also keep an eye on the “Feature updates” page (accessed from the main ScotLIS page once you’ve logged in) for the latest new features.

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