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‘Tis the season for festive house names

Blog post by Scott Frankland from the Information and Analysis team at Registers of Scotland. 

The Information and Analysis team at Registers of Scotland has the very important job of collecting and storing vast amounts of registration and property data which we use to gain insights into land and property ownership throughout the whole of Scotland.

Our main concern and responsibility is to improve the way we obtain, handle and project this information and one of our more potent focuses of recent times has been address accuracy – which is key in maintaining the integrity of our registers as well as improving our statistical reporting.

Addresses of course aren’t just numbers and streets, but house names too, and these have provided plenty of interest and scope for some musings on what these might be able to tell us about ourselves as a nation. It is clear that as a nation we are fully involved in the celebration of Christmas as shown by the numerous festively named houses across Scotland.

An example of this is that the Registers of Scotland Land Register proudly hosts three ‘Christmas’ properties; ‘Christmas Lodge’, ‘Christmas Cottage’ and ‘Xmas Rose’. After trawling through the names of all the residential properties it became clear that there are many other residential properties that maintain their Christmassy spirit all year round. Some of the highlights include, ‘Elfhill’, ‘Frosty Brae’, ‘Gingerbread House’, ‘Noel Cottage’ and my personal favourite, ‘Candy Cottage’ with three houses bearing the same official name.

Last year we identified 112 properties named on a varied ‘Holly’ theme. This year the number of properties with this name increased to 200 with 63 variations. The favourites remain to be ‘Holly Cottage’ with a grand total of 41 properties registered under that name. ‘Hollybank’ and ‘Hollybush’ come in second and third with 32 and 11 entries respectively.

Plants feature heavily in amongst the residential house names on the Land Register. This is because of their perceived protective properties, they would often be planted close to dwellings and settlements as well as providing additional winter fodder for cattle, sheep and deer, amongst others. The plants would often be the identifying feature for a dwelling, or area, and so the names would stick through the generations.

There are also an abundance of Ivy related properties, 271 to be exact. ‘Ivy Cottage’ is the runaway favourite with a total of 138 properties, this is a significant increase of 57 from last year.

With a noteworthy rise in properties with a Christmas theme to their name it can be said that the festive spirit amongst Scots exists more than ever. This is only proven further when highlighting the names of, ‘Merry Cottage’, ‘Jingle Bank’, ‘Stocking Hill’ and ‘Snowy Slack’ who epitomise Scotland’s excitement for the Christmas festivities.

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