How we’re going greener in 2019

As a public body, we have a responsibility to operate in a way that’s sustainable and reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. A crucial part of this is engaging our people so that firstly, they’re aware of our environmental responsibilities and secondly, they can play an active role in helping us operate sustainably.

This is where our ‘Go Greener’ activities come in! To build on the success of our Go Greener month last October, we ran a series of events in March to help embed more sustainable habits and ways of working across the organisation.  These events focussed on driving behaviour change when it comes to recycling, reusing to avoid waste and alternative travel to and from work.

Read on to find out what we’ve achieved so far and what’s planned for the rest of this year.

Reducing our waste

On 5 November 2018 we eradicated all single-use hot drinks cups from our offices; preventing over 58,000 coffee cups from being thrown away into our general waste stream every year. We were also delighted to donate the proceeds from reusable cup sales to Marine Conservation Society Scotland to support them in protecting Scotland’s shores from the effects of plastic pollution. Next we’ll be looking into how we can further reduce plastic use in our Meadowbank House canteen through reusable items and supporting colleagues to make sustainable choices. To celebrate Pass it on Week in March, we also ran tech and textile repair workshops with colleagues so encourage them to #MakeThingsLast.

Members of the Environmental Working Group at one of the reusable cup stalls
Members of the Environmental Working Group at one of the reusable cup stalls

Reducing our footprint

In 2019 we’re taking a number of steps to cut down on our CO2 emissions and energy usage. In March we replaced our current pool cars with one fully electric and one plug-in hybrid vehicle. To prepare RoS colleagues for this change, we partnered with the Energy Saving Trust (EST) to hold electric car demos so RoS colleagues could find out more about the benefits and test drive an electric car.

Three members of staff stand in front of Nissan Leaf electric car
RoS colleagues test drive a Nissan Leaf electric car

Similar to our Go Greener campaign last October, we’re continuing to encourage alternative travel to and from work by working with Sustrans and Lothian Buses to show colleagues how easy it can be to switch to greener travel. 2019 will also see us introduce a new building management system in our Edinburgh office which will help us maximise efficiency and reduce usage of gas and electricity.

Sustrans colleagues at table with information leaflets
Sustrans help RoS colleagues plan their cycle journey to work in Meadowbank House

Find out more

To learn the latest news and ideas about going green in Scotland, look no further than Keep Scotland Beautiful. You can also follow us @RegistersOfScot on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for more updates.

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