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Small map features that make a big difference to your search

Since ScotLIS launched, we’ve continued to work with our business users so that their experience of the service is always improving. If you’re a ScotLIS business user, read on to find out about the seemingly small changes we’ve made to the map that can make a big difference to your search.

Map data layers

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When carrying out a search, context is key and searchers will need different types of information to help them conduct their daily business. That’s why on ScotLIS, we’ve created different data layers based on user feedback, which can be selected or deselected depending on the search. To find the data layers, click on the second icon to the right of the map.

Land Register layer

The Land Register layer appears in grey and shows that a piece of land or property is on the Land Register. This layer appears by default when searching the Land Register and enables you to instantly distinguish between what is and isn’t on the Land Register for free.

property summary of Edinburgh Castle on ScotLIS

Aerial photography

Aerial photography helps bring the area of land to life and helps builds a picture of the area in question.

Areil property summary of Edinburgh Castle on ScotLIS

Print map

print iconThe print map function is located under the data layer icon on the ScotLIS map and enables you to print the area of land you’re interested in. The printed version of the map will also show the data layers that have been selected.  This feature has proved popular with our customers  and has benefitted both them and RoS when it comes to search requests.

print map property summary of Edinburgh Castle on ScotLIS

It does this by enabling the requestor to more clearly show the extent of the search area which in turn, makes it easier for RoS to send the right information, avoiding any unnecessary areas being searched.

According to Steven Davie, Search Team Manager at RoS, “The new print map function is proving a hit with customers. It allows them to interact with the map to highlight specific areas of interest, previously they had to find other online sources to achieve this.”

These are just some of the ways we’re using your feedback to create a better experience, to find out more visit or read our blog.

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