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How I became a policy manager

This International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate by speaking to women who work at Registers of Scotland who are in roles you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a land registry – from solicitors, to GIS analysts, to customer service professionals, our organisation has a wealth of talent and we want to tell you about it. Meet Kaira!

‘My name is Kaira Falconer…’

… and I work in the policy team here at Registers of Scotland. After qualifying as a solicitor at the age of 24 I went on to work in commercial property.  Seven years later I was made redundant. I saw this as a chance to do something different in my career. I went on to join the Law Society of Scotland which provided me with the opportunity to join RoS.

At RoS I work amongst some of the most talented and dedicated people I’ve ever met. I love the challenges that come with my role as a policy manager – most days there’s something new to deal with.

‘Chairing the last day of the conference was a real highlight’

In 2017 Registers of Scotland hosted the Registrars of Title Conference (ROTC) in Edinburgh. I was given the opportunity to chair the final day of the conference. This was a really exciting opportunity and I consider it as one of my biggest career achievements to date.

My advice to others that I wish I’d realised earlier in my career would be to make plans and strive towards them, but at the same time get as comfortable as you can with the fact that life won’t always go to plan and you will sometimes fail. There will be times you need to change your plans, either because of circumstances or that you’ve just simply had a change of mind or heart. Just go with it and learn from it. Trying to avoid failure at all costs can stop you from making the most of chances and opportunities, which is a failure in itself.

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‘Our top two senior leaders are women… but there’s more to be done’

I’ve always been a feminist. Gender equality seems such an obvious requirement – why wouldn’t you want that? I didn’t experience overt sexism until I was a trainee solicitor aged 22 and it was a real shock that the client only wanted to talk to a man because I didn’t, and still don’t, differentiate on the grounds of gender or any other such characteristic.

In RoS and the wider Civil Service women are rising to the top. Our two top senior leaders are women, but in the legal profession, true equality is not even on the offing. Let’s keep working towards true gender equality because there’s a lot more to be done.

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