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User feedback: DDS for paper discharge applications

Towards the end of last year we updated the Digital Discharge Service so customers could use it as a single channel for creating discharge applications, by adding the option to complete and print land register application forms for paper discharges.

Customer engagement is essential to delivering improved digital services – in fact this enhancement was prompted by customer feedback in the first place, so we were keen to find out what our customers thought about it after they had used it.

Delivering an improved user journey

We’d like to start by thanking the hundreds of customers who completed our survey. It gave us a valuable insight into what we did right and what we can improve. 61%% of respondents had used the new feature, and 9 out of 10 users considered it a positive change in the standard security discharge process. They also called out a number of specific benefits that it delivered.

The creation of the application form is quicker, cuts out unnecessary questions and can be prepared well in advance of settlement

These include:

  • The digital service being much quicker and easier to use than the paper equivalent, saving legal professionals valuable time
  • The pre-population feature of the service as a particular timesaver, which reduces need for manual entry as well as the risk of error
  • A combined ‘dashboard’ for both digital and paper discharge applications

It’s really helpful having all the options on the same page. It means you can see if it’s a digital discharge, and if it’s not you can still go ahead and produce the paper form without having to log into the other RoS online services page

What else we’ve learned:

24% of users said they were unaware of the enhancement – we will try harder to reach everyone, and this blog is just one way we hope to get the message out!

Our survey confirmed that you welcome the fact that we import data where we can, saving you time, but a couple of questions emerged which we’d like to respond to:

1. Why do we import the proprietor as the applicant?

We do this because it is the proprietor’s title which will benefit from the removal of the security. A number of survey respondents said they would always change this to the borrower, if they were different parties. So, to clarify, the applicant for a discharge can be either the proprietor of the property, or the granter of the security being discharged, and RoS will always accept either of these on the form. You can find out more on our Knowledge Base.

This has made applications more accurate and efficient. It is a lot quicker and easier now to generate forms and/or discharge a Security

2. Will my form be rejected if there’s no company number/address for the granter?

We do not require a company number to register a discharge, so you will not be asked to enter it, and on the printed form it will say ‘Not required’ in the company number fields, and this will be accepted by RoS.

In addition, when the granter is a known lender we import the granter name into the form for you, and no address is needed either, as the system knows that RoS already holds the information. On the printed form it will say ‘Not required’ in the address fields, and this will be accepted by RoS. (Note that if you need to change the granter details or enter them manually you will still be asked for the address and should enter it as normal).

Find out more

To find out more about DDS for both digital and paper discharges, visit our website or contact Ray Matheson.

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