Development Plan Approval: Growing the service and a new survey

The 2018-19 financial year has come and gone, and at RoS we’re looking to the future of our Development Plan Approval (DPA) service – that’s why we’ve recently launched a new survey for users to better understand how they use DPA.

At the same time, we’re delighted that DPA has become a service that’s valued for how it helps add confidence and efficiency to registering new developments. This is something our customers have said themselves, and it’s also shown in the numbers for 2018.

A valuable service for developers across Scotland

DPA is now more integral than ever to the effective registration of new developments. In 2018 we approved about 10,700 individual plots, an increase of 35 per cent compared with the year before. We’ve reached this new high while continuing to meet our service level agreement, meaning that registration of house sale applications are completed within 20 working days.

DPA is now also being used by more developers than ever before, with 282 individual firms signed up. This is also a considerable increase, up 22 per cent on 2017.

Highlight facts and figures of DPA in 2018

Find out more about using DPA

Following such a successful year in 2018, we’d recommend all developers use DPA to ensure an effective registration of their developments. We’ll check your development plan against your registered title to rule out any extent issues, and also examine draft deed styles to check that they meet the criteria for registration. Here’s what you need to know.

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