Message from the Keeper: April 2019

April was a special month, as it marked one year for me as Keeper of the Registers of Scotland. It’s been an eventful and exciting year, and I’m looking forward to working with stakeholders in the year ahead.

Committee engagement and corporate plan

In my last blog I discussed my appearance at the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee, and this month we welcomed three MSPs from the committee to our Edinburgh office. The visit was an opportunity to provide further insight into the work we do, from registration to Land Register completion and ScotLIS. I’ve spoken in earlier blogs about transparency, and this visit was a positive example of that, and also part of building a really good working relationship with MSPs.

Jennifer with MSPs John Mason, Andy Wightman and Jackie Baillie
Jennifer with MSPs John Mason, Andy Wightman and Jackie Baillie

With the start of the new financial year, we published our new Corporate Plan this month, outlining our direction for 2019-24. I’d encourage all our customers to have a look, as it lays out ambitious goals for our main business priorities, including Land Register completion and the development of new digital services.

Digital services for everyone

A real highlight for me has been participating in the Scottish Government’s Digital Champions Development Programme. I’ve attended two modules since February, and it’s a really useful way of engaging with, and learning from, a range of public sector organisations who are all seeking to develop and deliver digital services for their customers.

I found March’s module particularly relevant and insightful; it focussed on service design, with an important emphasis on developing new digital services with customers, to really make sure the end product suits their needs. This is something I feel RoS does well; but the module also talked about the potential challenges for people who, for a variety of reasons, do not have access to the internet or the ability to make use of digital services, and therefore the importance of ensuring they are included when considering the approach to developing digital services.

Continuing to engage with stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement has been a priority for me throughout my time at RoS, and I’m continuing this into year two as well. Earlier this month I attended a law faculty meeting in Perth, which was a really useful Q&A session covering a wide range of topics from “tenement steadings” to “exclusion of indemnity”. I also met with the Law Society of Scotland, and as ever this was a great meeting that helps maintain a strong relationship with this important stakeholder group.

As I start my second year at RoS, I’d like to thank all our customers who have helped shape our products, services and processes during the past twelve months. I’m passionate about delivering a quality service to both the professionals and the public of Scotland, and with the delivery of our new Corporate Plan, stakeholder engagement activities and more, I hope to do just that.

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