Website changes: A focus on tasks, trends and terminology

Robert Gray, one of our content designers, breaks down the techniques our content team used to make decisions on how our website could compliment the launch of ScotLIS

We’ve recently made some changes to our website to compliment the launch of the new ScotLIS service.

We used a task based approach as our main inspiration for the revamp.

What is task based content?

Task based content is based around the actual tasks that you want to do on our site. A good example for our website is if you are looking for property information like selling prices and boundaries.

We used this task as our starting point and created three new pages based around it:

Using the task based approach means that the title of each page is a task. This helps you quickly find the page you need.

Changing terminology

The current RoS website launched in October 2018 and since then, we’ve been collecting user feedback and looking for trends. Something that’s come up every month is confusion over the terminology we use.

We collaborated with our colleagues in the ScotLIS team to decide on how to refer to the products our services are offering.

Our new order documents page splits the service into title documents and individual deeds.

User confusion over title sheets and individual deeds was our main inspiration behind this change.

Title documents are referred to as:

  • digital copies of title sheets and title plans
  • official copies for court purposes, known as extracts

Individual deeds are described as being referenced in a property’s title sheet or search sheet depending on the register. We also refer to deeds in the Register of Deeds and give examples of these.


We’d love to hear what you think about the changes we’ve made. Leave us a comment on this post to share your thoughts with us, or you can get in touch with us on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn and now Instagram.

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