RoS colleagues rise to the challenge for charity

Blog post by Fiona McKie, head of land register completion here at RoS

Last weekend was one full of effort, determination, a bit of bravery and fundraising. My colleagues and I walked our socks off, ready steady baked and rose to new heights. Read on to find out about our experience of pushing ourselves to try new things and get out of our comfort zone for some great causes.

Lyndsey and Fiona take on the MoonWalk

Selfie of Fiona and Lyndsey before they started the moonwalk

Lyndsey Dougan and I tackled the MoonWalk. For those of you that know what it is you know that it really is a challenge, for those of you who haven’t heard about it, it’s a through the night event where you can walk the new moon (6.55miles) the half-moon (13.1miles) the full moon (26.2miles) or over the moon 54.4miles, through Edinburgh.

Lyndsey and I signed up for the full moon and have spent the last few months training whenever possible – although definitely not as much as we had hoped to fit in around our busy schedules.

On Saturday night, kicking off at 11.30pm, we set off with the first section being around Arthur’s Seat and then off into town where we met some very merry people on their way home from seeing the Spice Girls at Murrayfield. I have to say that on more than one occasion a rendition of a Spice Girls’ song was sung by some weary walkers to give us all a little boost.

We then proceeded to see the sites of Edinburgh during the 8 hours and 45 minutes that it took us to complete the course – Silverknowes, Granton, Leith, Seafield, Portobello, Duddingston Village – you name it we were there!

Selfie of Lyndsey and Fiona during the moonwalk

The reason that we I took on the challenge was to raise money for the Walk the Walk charity. An amazing organisation that raises money for research and treatment for people affected by breast cancer. It really is true when we’re told that everyone at some point in their life is affected by cancer.

This year was the fourteenth Edinburgh based MoonWalk and I was excited to take part. It wasn’t Lyndsey’s first time though and I was very thankful for that as she coached and motivated me to get round the course even when, and for those of you that know me know that this is unusual, I became very quiet at around mile 17 through to about mile 21.

So far we’ve raised £890 for the charity. We could never have raised this much without the help and support of our RoS colleagues. Everyone rallied around and supported our efforts by donating on our fundraising pages and taking part in a bake sale. Thank you so much to everyone who baked delicious cakes and for all of you who dug deep and bought plates of goodies for yourselves and for your teams. The bake sale itself raised £230 which was amazing – thank you all!

Cakes and homebaking as part of a bake sale for charity

RoS Innovation Centre hit new heights

The underside of the Forth Bridge is 160 feet from the beach at South Queensferry and this was the venue for the 2019 annual Forth Bridge Abseil in aid of Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland – a charity focussed on supporting people and their families across Scotland with chest, heart and stroke conditions.  The idea to take part this year came from Beth, who put a team together that allowed us to enjoy a great challenge and to raise money for a charity that’s close to our hearts.

The team consisted of

  • Beth Hutchison – leader, Chief organiser and dictator of event planning
  • Chris Hair – cautious Chris – chief “what if” consultant
  • Ben Irvine (Benefits Ben) – chief worrier and heights specialist (not)
  • Bob Colquhoun – done that, got the t-shirt, chief confidence booster

Group before the abseil wearing kit

When Sunday morning dawned it was bright and thankfully not so breezy. Friends and family joined us there and we were processed, registered, given our Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland t-shirts, put into our harnesses and given gloves and crash helmets, all before the long walk to the bridge walkway high above South Queensferry.

View from the forth rail bridge looking down to the ground below

In this event you control your own descent speed and can take in the views and the screams of others on your trip to the beach below. We all arrived safely and happy in the knowledge that as a team we had a great time, knew each other so much better and importantly raised a fabulous £1058.

Image of whole group abseiling down forth rail bridge

A great big thank you again to all of our RoS colleagues who either donated on our just giving pages or took part in our bake sale. Everyone who baked, and all of you that bought, the cakes helped us to raise a significant amount of money for a brilliant charity – thank you!

Picture of group back on the ground after completing abseil

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