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Message from the Keeper: June 2019

This month, I’ve been reflecting on the ideas of responsibility and risk. It was the theme of a presentation I gave this month at Civil Service Live (CSL), an annual series of conferences across the UK where government colleagues can meet to share ideas and experiences.

I began my presentation with a simple question: Do you feel comfortable taking responsible risks at work to deliver a better result?

Both responsibility and risk go hand in hand with public service, as they do with just about any sector. But as I told the audience at CSL, risks aren’t something we should shy away from, but rather acknowledge and welcome as an opportunity to do things better, provided we do so in a way that takes into account our responsibility as civil servants.

In my role in senior leadership at RoS, much of what I do each month revolves around delivering balance to any risk we take, and June was no different.

An ongoing conversation with customers

Continuing to engage with stakeholders, for example, allows my colleagues and me to understand customer need, and ensure our products and services meet these requirements.

Highlights from this month include presenting to the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow Conveyancing Conference, along with my visit to the Faculties of Greenock, Largs and Argyll and Bute. Elsewhere, several colleagues also attended a similar event with the West Lothian Faculty.

I find events like these a really valuable way for RoS to connect with customers, so if you have the opportunity to attend an event like these near you in future it would be great to see you there.

Best practice

No organisation works in a bubble, which is why sharing and learning best practice is another priority, both this month and more generally. This knowledge is also at the heart of delivering the best possible service for customers.

In April’s blog I mentioned my participation in the Scottish Government’s Digital Champions Development Programme; we met again this month, and like our earlier meeting it was another useful discussion on delivering digital products that are fit for purpose.

CSL wasn’t the only event for civil servants to share expertise and ideas. This month RoS hosted a meeting of the ‘Five Registries’. The attendees were the Chief Registrars of England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and the Isle of Man, and during our really useful discussions we touched upon a number of shared work areas, such as data and digitalisation. In a similar vein, I also attended a leadership networking event hosted by Scottish Government, as well as a meeting of the Scottish Delivery Bodies Group.

And for a final point on best practice, this month we conducted interviews for new non-executive directors (NED) to join our board, and I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Andrew Miller and Andrew Harvey. NEDs play a significant oversight role in our work, bringing a wealth and variety of knowledge and experience to important strategic decisions.

Looking forward, in July I’ll be continuing to meet with customers, stakeholder groups and colleagues at RoS and elsewhere in the public sector. As ever, one of my priorities will be to listen, advise and reflect on the work we do, any risks that may accompany it, and we can deliver the best possible services for our customers.

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7 thoughts on “Message from the Keeper: June 2019

  1. I have been requesting information and a resolution to issues on my title deeds from 15th May this year that should have been dealt with in 2014. However there seems to be lack of communication with me on what the current position is and it is difficult to get staff to return my calls. To date you have failed to acknowledge how long this process is going to take.

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for contacting us about this. I will forward your email address and details of your query to our customer service managers and ask one of them to contact you today to arrange a suitable time to discuss this with you. If there’s anything we can do in the meantime please let us know. With kind regards -Laura

  2. Hi That’s strange. Left a comment yesterday but seems to be taken off. Any explanation for that. I would appreciate a call from your office.

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