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As the Corporate Plan 2019-24 beds in, we can start to measure how the various activities we have committed to are being received by customers. So much of what we do comes back to our customer focussed corporate value and our strategic objective of making improvements that have a positive impact on customer experience.

How do we measure customer satisfaction?

One of the ways we measure progress is through a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT). This is an independently run survey that goes out four times a year to customers within our top 400 firms and organisations. They account for almost 90% of our income. We researched other organisation’s scores and set ourselves a target to achieve at least 80% for satisfied and very satisfied customers, which is the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) score we report against on our website. This is four per cent above what is regarded as a good CSAT score for the public sector, as our strategic objectives is to exceed, not just meet, our customers’ expectations!

To make sure we get a proper cross section of customers and their views, we contact over 5,000 individuals within our top 400 firms to invite them to participate in the three minute survey. We carry out the surveys four times a year, but don’t go out to the same customers more than twice a year to avoid survey fatigue.

I am really grateful to everyone who takes the time to give us this invaluable feedback – it plays a big part in us getting better at what we do. The results we get back have a clear link to how the business is performing; when we have an arrear of casework and customers are frustrated with call waiting times or the consistency of the information we provide, our CSAT score drops. This happened at the end of last year, when our score dropped from 82 per cent to 61 per cent.

Being transparent about how we intend to tackle these issues and introducing some new processes has reduced the impact on customers, and I’m pleased to say our score has gone back up to 75 per cent, with our top 101-400 firms rating us at a CSAT of 84 per cent. Better, but still more work to do. We aim to get our CSAT scores above 80 per cent and keep it there.

What have we done to find out more about what our customers care about?

We know one of the best ways to get real time feedback is meeting with customers face to face. One of the initiatives we undertook last year was the A to Z campaign that took the Keeper and colleagues out and about across Scotland, from Ayr to Shetland (or Zetland to stick to the theme!). For those who couldn’t attend, the campaign was backed up with webinars and podcasts on a broad range of registration topics. The infographic attached shows the reach and range of topics covered. There will be more of these type of activities in the future so keep an eye on our newsletters, blogs and social media.

How can we exceed expectations?

We’re working on improving all the time and looking for feedback and ideas on how we can do that. We’ve held workshops with diverse groups, including our own board, and the theme that consistently comes across is that whoever answers your call, reads your email, tweet or Instagram post takes ownership of it and the responsibility to fix it. To do this they need to have the autonomy to do that in a way that exceeds your expectations as a customer (whilst being mindful of legal processes). We aren’t there yet but it’s a great goal for us to strive towards.

A great example of where we are firmly on that route is our latest advance in easy to use products for anyone who comes into contact with RoS. Our recently updated citizen portal for ScotLIS gives everyone access to property titles for a low price, at a time and place convenient to them. These changes have gone down really well with everyone from the curious member of the public to the potential property developer.

Hopefully, this blog has made you curious enough to go and take a look yourself if you haven’t already. Oh and whilst you’re there – feel free to leave us some feedback. Who knows – next time you visit the site your suggestion may well be up and running!

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