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ScotLIS new search by map feature now available

We’ve introduced an interactive ‘search by map’ feature on ScotLIS to help you easily locate and find information on land or property without the need for a postcode or title number. Simply click on ‘search by map’ at the top of the homepage and you’ll be directed to a map which navigates to your current location if geolocation is enabled on your device. You can select a point on the map that you’re interested in to find out more. If the land or property is registered on the land register, you can view the following information for free:

  • the property title number
  • last purchase price and date

You can also buy the property documents for £3.00 plus VAT if you wish to view the title sheet and title plan. Following this, ScotLIS will email you a digital PDF of your title sheet and plan.

To find out more about how the new search by map feature, watch this short video:

You’ll notice that some titles have different coloured lines, tints or hatches on the map – a full explanation of these will be provided in their respective title sheets.

Help with locating the area of land or property

Where there is no match on the Land Register, we’ll help you locate the area of land or property of interest. Users are directed to a ‘property help form’ where  you can draw on the area of the map you are interested in and submit a query to Registers of Scotland. This is particularly useful if you’re interested in finding out information about an area of land or building that does not have a postal address for example.

Screenshot of ScotLIS map view of Barbay Hill

These features have been driven by your feedback – use the feedback link at the top of the service to tell us how we can make further improvements to ScotLIS.

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2 thoughts on “ScotLIS new search by map feature now available

  1. It didn’t seem very up to date as two areas of land that have been registered and paid for 1-2 years ago do not appear as registerred

    1. Our ScotLIS Service provides information on registered properties, however it does not show information on properties which are still in the process of being registered. Please contact our Customer Services Team on who will be happy to provide support in identifying why these registered properties did not appear on your search.

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