RoS team at our Future focus conference in Glasgow

Message from the Keeper: December 2019

Digital communications have transformed the way that we talk to one another but I firmly believe there are times when nothing can beat a face-to-face conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, I am proud to lead an organisation which is digitally-driven, because that delivers ease of service, speed and better support to our customers. Furthermore, I’m quite happy to admit that more of my working life exists on virtual platforms than ever before. I love the convenience of linking-up with business contacts on LinkedIn or sharing updates from my working week on Twitter, but I will also jump at any opportunity to engage with my network in person.

I am delighted to report that in the past month I’ve had several opportunities to do just that.

Registers of Scotland’s conferences in Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow were a perfect illustration of what I mean. By bringing colleagues, partners, stakeholders and customers together under one roof (ok, three roofs, but you get my point), we were able to share ideas, expertise and, from what the hundreds of delegates told us, give practical tips and insights that will help deliver even better and more efficient service to our mutual customers.

Perhaps most importantly of all, these events, which we called A Future Focus, were opportunities for us all to learn from one another. Throughout the year, our ongoing dialogue with our partners and customers in the land and property sectors is by telephone, email or through our digital communications channels, so it was incredibly valuable to meet so many of you in person and get a real sense of what matters to you. We will host more of these types of face-to-face conversations in 2020.

Continuing that theme, RoS is accountable to the Scottish Parliament, and engagement with MSPs is something we take very seriously. We recently held a well-attended event at Holyrood to give our Parliamentarians a strong sense of what we do and how our products and services can help their constituents. They heard about the great progress we are making in working towards completing the Land Register and the recent innovations to our products, such as ScotLIS and DDS (Digital Discharge Service). We also used the event to recognise the work that RoS does in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders to support the Scottish economy and complete the land register. Again, it was a session that proved the benefit of spending time with some of our most valued stakeholders.

Finally, we were delighted last month to welcome Kate Forbes, Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy, to Meadowbank House, where she met the first cohort of businesses who have joined the Geovation Scotland Accelerator Programme.

“I had heard about Geovation Scotland but there is nothing like seeing it at first hand,” said the Minister at the end of her visit. It was pleasing to hear her share my belief that meeting people in person and hearing their stories for yourself is a great way of building lasting, sustainable relationships.

As 2019 draws to close, I would like to take the opportunity to express my thanks to all our partners, stakeholders and customers for the support they have given to the work of Registers of Scotland this year. What we do together is a true team effort and it has been a great pleasure to be able to end the year by spending some time, in person, with so many of the extended team.

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